July 2000

Nine Inch Nails Bio

Five years is a long time between albums, it's especially long if you are a fan of Nine Inch Nails. The Diehard's have a devotion to all things Trent and that places the expected pressure on the man behind one of the most anticipated albums of the decade.

So where has Trent Reznor been for the last five years? Well, the release and tour behind the Downward Spiral is partially responsible for the delay, it went way too long and nearly destroyed him.

That is the irony for Trent and Nine Inch Nails. The fine line between self-destruction and getting by is the backbone to the NIN's Industrial Emo Rock sound.

Speaking with him on the roof of the MuchMusic building was an interesting experience for a couple of reasons. Trent has a better sense of humour then most people would think, and he genuinely felt the pressure to 3peat. Reznor's battle with writers block and his subsequent move to California was the public manifestation of that pressure.

It's an odd position to be in, your hurt on display is the skeleton of your success, so Trent went on Anti-Depressants and that messed with the formula. He seemed relieved to get the album out and assured of the fact that if any doubters existed, the live show would blow them out but you can be damn sure this tour won't go on too long.

Trent has fit into that space of being slightly comfortable and a little on edge, which is great news for his NIN fans around the world.

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Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails
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