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Jim "Foetus" Thirwell Bio

Many of the great bands we listen to today owe a large debt of gratitude to the injinuity of one man: Jim "Foetus" Thirwell. Not only has he produced many of the nothing Records band Coil's releases, he later came to remix Nine Inch Nails' "Wish" for the halo 6(Fixed) E.P., and four mixes of "Mr. Self- Destruct" for the domestic and import versions of halo 10(Further Down the Spiral). He has also contributed to making Einsturzende Neubauten the productive industrial band they are today, in fact, Thirwell spent his last penny bringing E.N. to the UK and single-handedly financed the release of E.N.'s album "Strategies Against Architecture," not to mention he is the man behind many, many remixes of industrial/tech music.

Thirwell has worked with the head of Pig, Ray Watts on two Steriod Maximus releases, he was alo an early producer of Coil. He's not too wealthy for an individual who has remixed superstar bands like Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. Jim "Foetus" Thirwell, your fans are listening!

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Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails
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