Trent's Perfect Drug...?

Normally Trent isn't as obvious, or deceiving as the case may be with his symbolism, but in THE PERFECT DRUG, the green drink he is preparing is ABSINTH(E) (the e is optional).. you can see it written on the side of the bottle. Absinth is a hallucinogenic drink, bright green in colour, used throughout the Victorian period. The drum-solo part of the song (with the green-ish film section) is meant to represent the "trip" Trent is getting from having drunk the Absinth (often referred to as the "green faerie").. In preparing the drink, Trent is straining it through a spoon with some sugar on it, because, apparently, Absinth has a bitter or unpleasant taste. Thanks for your time.

Information Provided by : Jeremy Hood

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Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails
This article is provided courtesy Keith Duemling and Tracy Thompson from the collection previously located at SUS.