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November 1999

Nine Inch Nailsís rockers choose Barcelona to begin their worldwide tour.

Translated By SERPENS LUIS HIDALGO, Bacelona. Heís name is Trent Reznor, heís from Cleveland, United States, and heads Nine Inch Nails, a band consider the spear-head of the industrial sound, opaque rock, angular and experimental. Heís since thursday en Barcelona, preparing the debut of his new worldwide tour after three year away from the stages. Tonight itís the moment and in one lonely concert in Spain (Polideportivo del Vall díHebron), Nine Inch Nails will present ĎFragileí, its last and elaborated album: "If the realese of this album has taken me three years itís because the last tour lasted two years, it let me exhausted and I wasnít able to compose new material". Has the waiting been worth?; "for me, yes, Iím very proud of a disc that is over all those nonsenses for quick consumerism that fill the top lists. Once again Nine has delivered a difficult disc, full of challenges and with marked attitude behind its music. Once again, Iíve published subversive songs, wich has left me very satisfied", he assured in Barcelona hours before to initiate his world tour.

Reznor claims himself as a depresive guy and mentally unstable, a thing that his appearance confirms. Pale as if heís spent a night with Nosferatu, speaking almost in a whisper, dressed in dark colours and with a general messy look, Reznor explained: "I try to connect with the great public, who I have given a disc that offers values different than the normal ones. Yes, Itís a double and no commercial one, but I think that makes evident a non-common attitude, not habitual.". When he was asked about the reasons that impel him to compose dense and dark songs marked with shark sounds, Reznor Answered: "I search in my music what I like in the music of the artists that interest me. What I pretend is to make a music with (Ņmatices?), a music that represents a challenge to those that listen to it, discs that need more than one listening to undestand them".

So, itís not illogigal that today they arenít the first in the top lists "Of course not" answered Reznor; "there I have to compete with Backstreet Boys, and though my disc is a good one, it doesnít play in its own ground".

The discoverer and producer of Marilyn Manson, a band that abuse of the common place and the gloomy pose, donít want to fall in the topics, and, when he was asked about how his live show was like, he affirmed: "The difference with others bands, itís that I donít want to make an evident show, but a job that having visual quality doesnít result evident, for that reason I involve myself in the design of the stages and lights, and I spend all that could be neccesary to get what I want. For that reason I think that when the tour finish Iíll have to live in a cardboard box because of all the money it has costed me", he joked.

Black towels

Following that line, Reznor, that although trying to fly away from the topic has asked black towels for the dressing rooms, pointed: "We has prepared the disc so much, we have work a lot in the order of the repertory and we have cared so much about the details, that I have finished ruining my personal life, tecnically it can be said it doesnít exists".

The coordinator of the soundtracks from Lost Highway and Natural Born Killers, not especially placid movies, revealed that with the band that accompany him in this tour he has pretended "to fly away from the agressivity that characterized our old live sound, looking for more musicality and less sonorous violence". Can we then conjecture that Nine begin to care about the great market once they have gained the status of mythical and crucial band in the ninetiesí rock? "Itís not about that, itís only that I donít my music to reach only my admirers, but everybody".

El PaŪs, the fourteen of November of 1999

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Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails
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