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January 1999

Sister Soleil Collaborates With Trent Reznor On Soundtrack Song

Sister Soleil has collaborated with Trent Reznor in New Orleans on a song for the movie "Stigmata," according to a message from Sister Soleil's Stella Katsoudas in newsletter sent out by the band, and confirmed by the Nothing Records-sanctioned website, "Seems Like Salvation (at The connection was apparently made because the band's manager, crew chief and producer are friendly with Reznor.

In related news, Reznor has been asked to mix some material from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, a project put together by producer Mike Simpson, hip-hop artist/producer Prince Paul and electronic dance music's Dan "The Automator" Nakamura (of Dr. Octagon), according to the Los Angeles Times, incorporating three turntables, three sampling machines and a handful of randomly selected vinyl records.

The newspaper reports that the tracks are being sent out to Reznor and others including Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, De La Soul, Cornershop and Spain.

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Nine Inch Nails
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