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July 2000

The Lost Weekend: Reznor Says Sorry!

Nine Inch Nails mainman Trent Reznor has contacted Kerrang! to apologise for his bands last-minute withdrawel from The Lost Weekend at London's Docklands Arena on July 1. He insists that the band will try to play at least one UK show before the end of the year to make up for it/Reznor was responding to letters published last week in Kerrang! 810. He called the Kerrang! office on the evening of July 7 to answer critsisms raised in letters.

"I can understand why they feel cheated," says Reznor of the fans outraged response. "And no one feels worse about it than me. We've taken pride in cancelling very few shows. Our drummer (Jerome Dillan) couldn't play at The Lost Weekend because he literally had water flowing out of his ass for two solid days. We tried to find a way around it but it couldn't be done."

"I feel bad and upset about it. I hate having to do that. I do my best to put on a great show and I don't want to come across like Axl Rose. I'm sorry we screwed you over."

NIN will try to bring their "Fragility V2.0" shows to the UK before the end of the year.

"When we get back to the US we may do a string of dates at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, and it may be financially feasible to do something like that in the UK," says Reznor. "I'd really like people to see this show. I hope all is not lost and we haven't angered many people. I'm the last guy to pull the plug. I'm pushing to do at least one London show to make up for the fuck up."

Reznor then answered specific critisisms in your letters:

"Didn't A Perfect Circle drummer Josh Freese know the set after touring with NIN for 10 weeks? They could even have had the drums on DAT." - Garry Seymour

Reznor: "It doesn't work that way. The reason is that Jerome plays by click track. I'm not saying Josh couldn't, but I wouldn't want to do it for the first time in front of a crowd of people who came to see us. This may sound elitist, but I'd rather put on the best show we can rather than a half-assed one. I'm sure ultimately the fans would appreciate that. But I'm no on the other side of the coin. As for DAT, believe it or not, we play live. There's nothing on tape drum wise at all. Again, it would be such a compromise it would feel like cheating."

"Fair enough, Jerome was ill, but you could have come onstage and apologised" - Peter Withers.

Reznor: Good point. I had my tail between my legs. If we come back it will be more than made up for."

Trent then went on to give some details of NIN's future plans:

NIN have been recording a live album and DVD on their 'Fragility V2.0' tour. "We'll work on the album for a month back in the US" says Reznor.

The DVD, Reznor insists, will "make you feel as though you're there. We hired a bunch of digital video cameras and filmed the last 15 shows of the tour from seven positions and recorded the audio in a DIY fashion. It''s not like an HBO special with Bon Jovi with swooping crane shots. We're compiling it on Apple Macs."

Reznor also reveals that the next NIN studio album might be a radical departure for the band. "We did a radio show where we stripped down the sound," he explains, "I played a grand piano and Robin played accoustic guitar. We were so pleased with the way it turned out we may go into the studio and record that way. I haven't talked to anybody about this - it may or may not happen."

Reznor has compiled "a bunch of songs that aren't quite finished. I don't want to make "The Fragile 2". The music we're currently working on is far more brutal than 'The Fragile' was. I'm going in two directions at once."

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Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails
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