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July 31, 2000


nothing records to work with Beatnik's Mixman technology to showcase its artists' content on the web

New York, NY, July 31, 2000 - A nine inch nails Mixman eMix of "The Big Come Down" debuts today on both the and sites and will be one of several new eMixes that nothing records and Beatnik will produce for nine inch nails. nothing records will work with Beatnik, Inc.'s Mixman eMix technology to showcase songs on the web from its roster of artists. nine inch nails are also working on a Mixman Single due out later this summer.

The eMix contest begins today, inviting fans to remix the nine inch nails song "The Big Come Down". To enter the contest, fans simply visit either or, download the Beatnik Player, and begin remixing the nine inch nails eMix. Fans can also share their personalized eMix with friends via email. The contest closes August 26th, at which time nine inch nails' Trent Reznor will personally judge each entry. "The Big Come Down" eMix grand-prize winner will be announced by September 15th and will receive a Les Paul classic guitar signed by Reznor.

nine inch nails recently received a nomination for a "2000 MTV Video Music Award" in the "Breakthough Video" category for "Into The Void". The track is the second single released from nine inch nails' multi-platinum, critically acclaimed CD "The Fragile". nine inch nails have just completed the "Fragility 2.0" tour, a 43 city, sold-out U.S. tour as well as two weeks of major European festivals. The band have recently returned to nothing studios in New Orleans to begin work on new music, as well as video editing and audio mixing for an upcoming live project.

The band's official website,, features frequent updates, sneak previews of the band's ongoing work, and a comprehensive archive of exclusive audio and video content from their 1999/2000 tours.

About nothing records

nothing records was founded by musician Trent Reznor and his manager John A. Malm, Jr. in 1992. nothing's roster features reznor's nine inch nails, marilyn manson, the the, autechre, the bowling green, plaid, plug, pop will eat itself, prick, squarepusher, and twelve rounds.

About Beatnik, Inc.

Beatnik brings interactive music and sound to the Web through its combination of technology, content and services. Beatnik's solution includes a line of applications, production music, sound content and the Mixman software product line, enabling the integration of interactive audio content into the Web experience. Beatnik develops, markets and sells its interactive audio solution to a community of creative professionals, potential licensees of its technology and consumers enabling them to build and interact with music and sound over the Web, on computers and other digital devices. Mixman Technologies, Inc. became a subsidiary of Beatnik in December 1999. Incorporated in 1996, Beatnik was founded by musician and composer Thomas Dolby Robertson.

About Mixman eMix

Mixman eMixes allow fans to interact with songs from their favorite artists on a personal level, remixing a song's individual elements, such as guitars, drums, vocals, keyboards and bass simply by pointing and clicking. Fans can send their personalized eMixes to friends via email and enter them in contests. Mixman Singles are remixable versions of popular songs, specially designed to work with Mixman software enabling users to create their own custom remixes on CD, MP3 and other formats. Beatnik works closely with artists and record labels to bring music fans these special interactive versions of music from some of the world's top producers and underground musicians.

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Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails
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