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Sept 18, 2000


CD features manipulations of songs from "THE FRAGILE", a cover of Gary Numanıs "Metal" and a never-before-released track from "THE FRAGILE" recording sessions

New York, NY, September 18, 2000 - nine inch nails announce today the October 24th release of "THINGS FALLING APART". "THINGS FALLING APART" features new interpretations of "the wretched", "starfuckers inc.", "the frail", and "where is everybody" from nine inch nailsı critically-acclaimed CD "THE FRAGILE" (SPIN Magazineıs 1999 "Album of the Year"). Also included on the ten song disc is a cover of Gary Numanıs "Metal" and a never-before-released track from "THE FRAGILE" recording sessions entitled "the great collapse". Produced by nine inch nailsı Trent Reznor, the album follows in a long line of remix albums (including "Further Down The Spiral" and "Fixed") released by the Grammy Award winning nine inch nails.

The "THINGS FALLING APART" track listing is as follows:

1. slipping away
remix of "Into The Void" by trent reznor & alan moulder
2. the great collapse
trent reznor and alan moulder
3. the wretched (version)
remixed by keith hillebrandt
4. starfuckers inc. (version)
remixed by adrian sherwood
5. the frail (version)
remixed by benelli
6. starfuckers inc. (version)
remixed by dave ogilvie
7. where is everybody? (version)
remixed by danny lohner & telefon tel aviv
8. metal
trent reznor and alan moulder
(originally written/produced by gary numan)
9. 10 miles high (version)
remixed by keith hillebrandt
10. starfuckers inc. (version)
remixed by charlie clouser

The bandıs official website,, will feature exclusive news and sneak previews of "THINGS FALLING APART" and of nine inch nailsı upcoming live DVD/VHS release. The as-yet-untitled live DVD/VHS is scheduled for a mid-November release and features footage from nine inch nailsı visually groundbreaking "Fragility v2.0" concert tour. The untitled DVD/VHS marks the first DVD release from nine inch nails and documents the tour that covered 43 North American cities from April 12 through June 18, 2000 to sold-out audiences and rave reviews. currently offers a comprehensive archive of exclusive audio and video content from their 1999/2000 tours as well as images, streaming videos, an eMix of "The Big Come Down", and more.

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Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails
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