Alternative Press Magazine

April 1999

Marilyn Manson : 14 Artists Who Shaped Alternative Press

"I'm thankful I have two middle fingers.  I only wish I had more"
 - Marilyn Manson, A.P. 93
And in the "careful what you wish for" category- it's the world's favorite whipping boy.  While it's hard to tell wether the emotionally guarded Marilyn is actually shaken by all he's brought upon himself, you have to wonder if he knew it could go this far or if he's secretly tickled.  That we're still more inclinded to discuss his naughtiness over his music is part of the Faustian bargain Marilyn made early on.  And that's a shame, considering the glam-fisted Mechanical Animals is so good.  But as his namesake Charles once sang, edo is a too much thing, and it ultimately fuels


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Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails
This article is provided courtesy Keith Duemling and Tracy Thompson from the collection previously located at SUS.