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May 1997

Review Of The Perfect Drug Remix EP

allstar rating: 6

Five strains of "The Perfect Drug" -- the song -- are injected into this Nine Inch Nails' remix EP of their recent hit. Three of them take the listener on an exotic journey, while two are more like a bad trip -- and the more prominent electronic artists are the ones selling the bad batch. The attempts by both Meat Beat Manifesto's Jack Dangers and The Orb's Alex Paterson and Andy Hughes at making a new strain of the original become complicated by too much musical layering, while Luke Vibert of Plug, Jonah Sharp of Spacetime Continuum, and Trent Reznor himself each push progressive jungle, spacey acidic ambience, and industrial drum and bass consecutively, to create a potent derivative of a drug that is at least somewhat intoxicating.

By Tina Johnson

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Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails
This article is provided courtesy Keith Duemling and Tracy Thompson from the collection previously located at SUS.