May 2000


Nine Inch Nails
"Starsuckers Inc."
Concept: Fear and self-loathing


"CRITICISM is autobiography," Oscar Wilde said.

If that's true, Nine Inch Nails must really hate themselves.

The band's "Starsuckers Inc." is an attack on music-biz sell-outs.

In the video, lead singer Trent Reznor sits in a limo, the interior plush and blood-red. He's wrapped in black leather. His pasty skin is cadaverous in contrast to his blue-black hair.

Beside him sits a platinum blonde with long legs -your basic rock-star accouterment. (At the end, the blonde turns out to be Marilyn Manson, who was once rumored to be the real target of this song.)

Their destination is a carnival.

Reznor hurls a ball at a series of plates, for instance, that bear the likeness of major musicians: Eminem, Michael Stipe, etc.

Next, a bedraggled man dressed as Courtney Love in her "Doll Parts" days sits poised above a tank of water, waiting for Reznor to hit the target and dunk him.

The problem with this overwrought video is obvious - that it slams others for being glam or superficial when it is entirely glam and superficial itself.

And so is Reznor who has made his anger become a fashion statement in itself.

With "Starsuckers Inc.," Reznor has become exactly what he says he hates.

- Kristina Feliciano

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Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails
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