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September 1999

The Fragile

Though it's been five years since he let us in on the whole fuck-you-like-an-animal thing (and people wonder what he's been doing for all that time...), Trent Reznor returns to the industrial-strength formula of his previous albums with this two-disc, 23-song set. This time around, though, all the angst-ridden guitar sludge is countered with dark, beautiful melodies. And fewer animal metaphors, too. On "Somewhat Damaged," Reznor aims some choice words at, presumably, former protégée/pal Marilyn Manson, while "We're All in This Together Now" is classic NIN--full of the pulsating riffs and screeching vocals that first made Reznor a parent's worst nightmare. Hide the sheep.

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Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails
This article is provided courtesy Keith Duemling and Tracy Thompson from the collection previously located at SUS.