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January 2000

We're In This Together

Part One:
1. We're In This Together(radio edit)
2. The Day The World Went Away(quiet version)
3. The Day The World Went Away(porter ricks mix)

This single is an odd part one to set simply because it does not contain the original version of the song. The radio edit is the version you will see on MTV and hear on your local radio station. The Day The World Went Away(quiet version) adds a little something extra to this single, included also on this part of the single is the mix of The Day The World Went Away that was not included on the cd version of TDTWWA single by Porter Ricks. This version was only found on the vinyl of TDTWWA. Overal this part of the single is good, but it is even better as part os a single set, rather than by itself.

Part Two:
1. We're In This Together
2. 10 Miles High
3. The New Flesh

This part of the single is my favorite part(and probably is everyone else's too)of the this set because it included 10 Miles High and The New Flesh, the two tracks only found on the vinyl version of The Fragile. We're In This Together is the regular album version while 10 Miles High is a slightly different mix than what is found on the Halo 14 vinyl; The New Flesh remains the same. The addition of these two tracks alone makes this songle worth buying, if you have not heard 10 Miles High or The New Flesh....buy this single now!!!

Part Three:
1. We're In This Together
2. Complications of The Flesh
3. The Perfect Drug

Again, this is the normal version of We're In This Together with a very interesting mix of two songs. Complications of The Flesh is a mix of The New Flesh and the song Complication off of The Fragile, the two songs work together perfectly, it gives off a very groovy vibe that just makes you want to bobb your head and tap your feet. The Perfect Drug is the same except for one thing: the ending doesn't cut off abruptly as the version on Lost Highway does, it slowly fades out, which makes it a more peaceful ending.

Set As a Whole:
I strongly reccomend purchasing all three parts of this set. If you only own one of two of the three parts, it feels as if something is missing. Usually you won't find all three parts of this in the same place, but the complete set is well worth a search.

Rating: A+

by Evan Webb

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