The man looked beautiful...the entire band did
By RezznorKing

      I went to the Cleveland show last night. I stood out in line for about two hours and then they opened the doors. I got about three people away from the stage, center. A Perfect Circle walked out and it was a big yawn session, like a half hour long drone of the same song. I did not dig how the lead moved like some sort of mental patient listening to beethoven and his ugly ass clothes and that god awful grunge reminicent wig. But that's just me. So the curtains closed up and twenty minutes later, lights go down and "somewhat damaged" starts blasting and all you can see are shadows. I freaked, despite the seemingly unbearable pressure from all sides of me brought on by the crowd.

      When "Somewhat Damaged" was over, the curtains finally came down, and there was Trent and the rest of the guys...I know how god damn superficial it is to point out someone's looks, especially if it is someone like Trent who even refuses to put out his face on his records, but shit, the man looked beautiful. The entire band did, but Trent sticks out in my mind. He even had on blue eyeshadow and some lipstick. The band executed everything perfectly, but halfway through, it just got too be too much for me. One crowd surfer too many. My lungs felt like they were collapsing and I started seeing double. I took that as my cue to push back to the middle section, where of course I could hardly see a thing. Hey, there's always going to be other NIN shows, right? I'm still young.

      Trent seemed to be really into it. You could see it on his face, and he consistently thanked the crowd. "Suck" was a highlight. Although its a rather old song, the crowd seemed to know every word. On TDTWWA, Trent, Robin and Danny got in a circle and had an awesome little jam session. Jerome looked awesomely gothed out on the drums.

      At the beginning of the show, Robin even jumped into the crowd. Trent threw out about twenty water bottles: I caught one and admit I drank from the same bottle as Trent. I would have drank a horse's urine at that point; I needed liquid. So anyway, I go to school the day after the concert and this dude next to me in history class tells me how he got into the afterparty and met trent. He tells me Trent was drinking and generally Trent seemed happy with the show. Trust me, I believe the history dude; he even had some pictures. When I asked him how he got in, all I got was a mysterious "I got connections." When will I get connections? I would have loved to get trashed with Trent, maybe even Daisy. Mental note to self: must get seat tickets next time.