"All I have to say is it was amazing"
By Paul@theNINhotline.net

      The opening band: A Perfect Circle: What can I say? Maynard is amazing. He walks out on stage with a large brown wig and a plaid suit. The songs keep the same emotion as Tool, and just seeing Maynards dark eyes is a sight in itself. The people in the crowd were giving mixed reviews. APC will NOT play any Tool songs, dont be upset when you dont hear them.

      The lighting: It was NOT done by the guy who did the Pink Floyd lighting. Things just didnt work out with him and Nails. They hired a new guy 2 days ago (sorry, i cant remember any names :-( ). The lighting was still rather well done.

      The movies: I wont describe them to you... or tell you what songs to expect them for. But this was AMAZING. And heres some usefull news, David Carson didn't do any of the videos this time around. There were conflicts in his schedule that didn't allow him to work with NIN for this stuff.

      Other: The band was very much into it, all the songs sounded pretty well. They extended a few of them, and I can't begin to describe the type of energy that band has. The mosh pits: It was really packed. Barely room to move. Still, songs like Wish and Starfuckers lit a bomb. I'm sore.