"NIN is a show of a lifetime"
By Z3r0 a.k.a. D.Zervas

      The show started out with the opening act a Perfect Circle (which for those of you who dont know is the band formed by the singer from Tool) The performance was very reminicent of Tool in concert, and the crowd loved it, although the mosh pit was relativly quiet at this point .

      When NIN took the stage, there was a huge curtain surrounding the entire stage, completly hiding the band from sight for the first song , but in noway took from the experience. With smoke bellowing from behind and strobelights flashing to the beat of Somewhat Damaged, they performed the entire song hidden from view. As the curtain opened to expose Trent and the band the intensity unfolded.

      The crowd was in a total uproar of excitment from this point on as NIN performed various songs ranging from Head Like A Hole to Mach Of The Pigs and Piggy. At this point the mosh pit was ingulfed in the usual frenzy that I've seen at NIN shows in the past. At one point Trent himself ventured out into the crowd for a bit of surfing. The show continued with flawless renditions of songs from The Fragile like a bone tingling version of The Wretched, and The Great Below, just to name a few (dont wanna give it all away).

      The encore included of (again dont wanna give it all away Starfuckers etc... hehe and concluded with a dedication to the crowd of the still crowd favorite Hurt. In conclusion I'd like to say that of all the concerts this reviewer has seen NIN is a show of a lifetime. If you get a chance to see Trent and the boys dont miss it!!!