"Here's my review of the amazing Detroit show"
By ^HaZe^ of the NIN Hotline

      Now the question is, where to begin? Most would say, "That's fairly obvious, start at the beginning." So, I'll do just that.

      I was fortunate enough to get main floor tickets, so along with friends, I made my way down and into the packed area (after signing 'mosh pit' waivers). While waiting for NIN to take the stage, I started to crave a good ole' Kaluha mudslide (something I was pleased to see being offered--I hate beer) . The realization of the situation became apparent though. If I ventured off to acquire one, I would never make it back to the spot I had found for myself. Normally, this wouldn't be a big issue however, when you're around 5'4 and you've garnered a good spot to stand-you don't want to relinquish it.

      While waiting for the band to take to the stage, the crowd seemed to emanate with pent up anticipation. The eagerness of which, was transposed upon the onlooking faces. Suddenly, lights grew dim as "Pinion" served as the catalyst to what would be a prodigious show.

      It was at this point, people began to crane their necks in an effort to get a better view of what was to come. As the last notes of "Pinion" began to diffuse, "Somewhat Damaged" began to pierce through. The Palace started to resonate as the song grew louder. The band remained concealed as their shadows flickered and contorted anonymously from behind closed curtains.

      Remaining unseen throughout the duration of the song, the curtains finally began to open. Now, all members revealed, they launched into "Terrible Lie". The audience pushed forward at this point and erupted. The band was amazing. Their energy complimented that of the crowd-one another seemingly feeding off the other.

      Nine Inch Nails is a force on stage. The delicate union of beauty and anger was masterfully accomplished. Through old and new material, instrumentals, lights and images, the intensity never ceased. The audience sang along when NIN kicked into "Head Like a Hole", beat the shit out of each other during "Wish", and lit lighters could be seen during "Hurt".

      The entire show was amazing, part of the reason being the unsupressable energy NIN seem to exude. I sincerely don't know how they do it, but I'm sure we all appreciate that they do. After the show had been concluded, words of complete satisfaction and praise could be heard echoing through the halls of the Palace. It was truly a fantastic concert.

      Getting back into town, I was famished--so, stopped off to indulge the hunger and I finally got that Kaluha mudslide.