"This concert was probably the most reassuring and happiest moment in my life"
By Tim

      This concert was a little better in terms of crowd then the one i went to later in Grand Rapids.

      The show started ofcourse with a perfect circle. They put on a decent show. i was hoping the band would move aropund a little more, and maybe be a little more aggressive, but in terms of music, their mellowness was pretty nice. It was a great setup for NIN. I alsmost pissed in my pants i was so excited when NIN took the stage. When i heard Pinion start, i just started going crazy. Everyone went crazy when Somewhat Damaged started and throughout the song. Then when the curtains went up, and Trent started into Terrible lie, everyone went nuts. The mosh pit was absolutely beautiful. I had 2 nice bruises from my lower chest hitting the rails and beign squished in front of pit. NIN played a great variety of material form all of their albums. I was surprised that they did not play We're In This Together or Into The Void. I thought they would due to the radio play, but i was still very happy. The screens were jsut amazing. The cool water images and the cliff and stuff were incredible. I dont recall NIN having images on the screens during Closer, which they did in Grand Rapids. In terms of equipment damage, Trent through his guitar once, and Clouser broke his keyboards. The crowd was very into it, and Trent is just god without a doubt.

      This concert was probably the most reassuring and happiest moment in my life. The overall show was better here than in Grand Rapids, but i tihnk that had a lot to do with the crowd being better.

      Trent did say that his best concerts were the 2 in MI :). At the end, i got a nice sized piece of Clouser's keyboard, and a water bottle from Danny Lohner (i also bought a shirt ofcourse).