" The whole set was incredible, and I really didn't want it to end."
By Amanda in Minnesota

      This was my first Nine Inch Nail concert. I had been counting down the days since I first heard the data announced. Of course, by ordering my tickets online, I got the shaft and wound up in the upper level. Luckily, the second row offered a clear shot of the whole stage. A Perfect Circle was good, unlike most opening bands I've heard. But I kept waiting for them to end so we could get to the real deal. I did love their use of the blacklight though, very cool. Soon they finished and my stomach started doing sommersaults in anticipation for what was next.

      With the first song, Somewhat Damaged, done with the band hidden behind the curtain only added to my hyped up feelings of anticipation. With the sillhouettes of the band members the only thing that could be seen was like a tease before the true ectasy. When the curtain dropped and they began playing Terrible Lie, I was in heaven. The whole show was spectacular. All the songs were played intensely and I enjoyed every second. I was surprised to hear Piggy played as well as Sin, I didn't figure they would play so much off of Downward Spiral and Pretty Hate Machine as they did. I so wished I was in the pit when Trent jumped into the crowd for the first bit of Piggy. Oh to be those lucky ones who got to touch him.

      I really enjoyed the Frail/Wretched part, where Trent himself took to the keyboard to play. I also lost myself in La Mer and the Great Below. The LCD screens were so beautify and the images shown really added a lot to the whole feel of the Great Below. But after this slow interlude, the show kicked back into high gear and didn't stop. I had been waiting a lifetime to hear Wish and Closer live and I wasn't disappointed. Both had everyone on their feet and myself in near orgasm. Again that red screen and the pulsating white light for Closer was just the cherry on top. Unlike previous shows, Just Like You Imagined was played during the regular set and not in the encore. The whole set was incredible, and I really didn't want it to end.

      The band as a whole did a fantastic job. I too was impressed with Jerome's playing. I had a really good view of him for the show, and he really kicked some ass. I really enjoyed the fact that during several songs I could feel the chords on the inside as well as in my ears. I loved everything about this show. Too bad it had to end. For the encore, they played Starfuckers, Inc. and Hurt. It was so beautiful. To end with Hurt had me in tears, crying for the sheer beauty of the show and the fact that it was over.

      I was blown away. For this to be my first Nine Inch Nails show, I really wish I had seen the Self Destruct tour. But fortunately, I do have Closure, and that will have to do. I won't trouble with sending you the set list, since I am sure you have gotten it from someone else. Besides, I was so wrapped up in the music and actually seeing Trent live, that most of what they played has blurred into one giant orgasmic experience that I will never forget. Anyway, that's what I thought.