"Class act and way too cool for words!"
By Slaw

      A brief bit on the show on the 18th. Fucking awesome. Perfect circle played a good set but the crowd really didn't get too into them. Maynard dedicated one of the songs to "a hooker that pissed me off. Her name is Danny Lohner" That got a nice laugh from the crowd. Finished their set and a bout a half later NIN came on.

      Intense show. People were getting crushed left and right. A lot of young people there, some seemed confused when he played some older stuff like Sin and Suck. Midway through Trent addressed the audience and said something to the effect of it has been awhile since he been here (milwaukee) and thanked the crowd for sticking with him. Really cool thing happened during Starfuckers, building up to the chorus where T Rez keeps repeating "Don't You" well the crowd was really into it and trent stopped singing but the crowd didn't and Trent let them sing it for a bit then the crowd stopped and he blasted into the next chorus.

      Plus after the concert Trent made an appereance and some fans got to meet him. Really fucking cool. I got a picture with him and shook his hand. Class act and way too cool for words!