"I am convinced he is a genius of resurrecting the energy out of the studio into a eternal moment on stage"
By Andrew Wonacott

Trent Reznor is the most intense performer I've ever witnessed on a stage. The set was SO tight, musically i mean. Several of the older songs (Sin, Terrible Lie...etc...) ended by morphing into a song from the Fragile, creating a continuity that kept the energy surging through all the crazy animals in the audience. By far the highlight of the show (for me) was "The Great Below," where everyone was subjected to soul shaking bass, three big-ass vertical video screens with footage of seascapes, the flower fields where the cover art from the Fragile CD was shot, and even some under-water footage towards the end. Everyone, during every song, was singing along. INTENSE.

And then there was the mosh pit during march of the pigs. no words, only bruises. those beautiful reminders of that kick-everyone's-ass-because-the-music-is-making-me song.

Trent took a water bottle during every song and either sprayed the audience, thereby feeding the frenzy of an adoring rampage, or got the band wet, making everyone else jealous.

Reznor is obviously focused during the show, he is constantly listening to the performance, making sure that every gut-wrenching word is effective to his original intent. A genius of sound in the studio, I am convinced he is a greater genius of resurrecting the energy out of the studio into a fleeting yet eternal moment on stage, truly;

   "echoing (his) voice just like the ringing in my ears..."

the greatest show i've ever experienced