"The Nails show was awesome"
By halofive00

      I had pit tickets to the show tonight at the Canseco Field House and it was AMAZING. A Perfect Circle did a short, but astounding set, including a cover of the Cure's "Love song" (not sure on the title, but they did it better than the Cure does) . It was a very small set up, good lighting, not much movement on the stage, but really powerful. The Nails show was awesome, they played for about an hour and a half total. Trent actually jumped off the stage into the security pit, climbing on to the security railings to sing part of Piggy, something I have never seen him do or ever heard of him doing. Danny Lohner made an effort to aim for specific people in the audience with his water bottles (myself included, he made his way over to us between some lighting equipment and the speakers to throw the bottle, I came way with a trophy for the night). As far as specific tracks, they played a number of the instrumental tracks off Fragile, off the top of my head, I know they opened with somewhat damaged, pinion, and terrible lie. Later on they played the wretched, the great below, head like a hole, wish, gave up, march of the pigs, sin, closer, starfuckers, and a number of other tracks. (in fact, i think starfuckers closed the show, i was so hyped i can't remember)

      the encore had about 3 songs, including hurt (which ended it I think), i know the day the world went away was in the show, and i'm pretty sure it was in the encore as well. Trent was close enough to us that we could tell he was wearing black eyeliner and what looked like silver or blue eyeshadow, it emphasized the wild looks he was giving as he sang. Overall, it was so impressive, the lighting was totally syncronized and gorgeous, the rigging moved according to the songs in the set list, starting out low (not far above the bands' heads) and moving upwards until it was perpendicular to the stage by the end, flashing everything from color to specific visuals of the ocean (during great below) and flames. That's the rather patchy report from this victorious and beaten nails fan