"They played ... perfectly. The crowd was nuts all the way through "
By aaron

      This was the first NIN concert I'd ever been to, and now I'm not sure what other bands I want to see this summer because I don't think they could possibly top this show. A friend and I arrived in Indianapolis early in the afternoon, and we waited outside the building at around 6:00. There was already a good sized group, and a guy from MTV2 was interviewing some guys next to me before the show.

      We waited for a while before we could go inside. I bought a couple shirts inside, and then we found our seats and waited for APC. Ticketmaster sort of fucked us out of floor seats, but we sat right behind the floor, only a couple rows up, and the view and sound was absolutely perfect for the whole show. I'd heard a lot of negative reviews about APC, and lots of concertgoers have talked about how they were only waiting to see NIN the whole time. In my humble opinion, APC played an awesome show. Maynard seemed to be in a good mood, and he jokingly said that "Diary of a Madman" wouldn't be on the new CD because it wasn't theirs, but it will appear on Mer de Noms - and I thought it was the best song of the night.

      In between sets, Aphex Twin pulsated through the arena while the building started to fill up more and more. I was listening closely, but I don't think that they played The New Flesh while the lights were still up. Instead, the set started out with Pinion as the lights went out. Somewhat Damaged was crazy. The effects with the curtain in front were cool, but I think I liked it better the way they did it on the first leg of Fragility.

      Terrible Lie was the next song, and they played it perfectly. The crowd was nuts all the way through the end of Piggy, and then it started to calm down before The Frail. The Frail went right into an amazing version of The Wretched, which was one of my favorites. After a blistering version of Gave Up came La Mer, The Great Below, and The Mark Has Been Made. All three of these songs used the video displays, and it was fucking amazing. Trent replicated the vocals on The Great Below to sound exactly the way they do on the CD, and it was perfect.

      Wish lit up the arena next, and the crowd was pretty wild again. The guitars weren't as clear as they were on some of the other songs, but it was still a very good version.

      Looking at the setlist, it seems like Suck was played earlier, but I'm not quite sure. Anyway, Trent said that it was one of his favorites before he played it, and it was indeed a good performance. Complication also used the video screens, and there was some cool fractal-type designs displaying behind the band. Closer came next, and the whole crowd was singing along to the whole song. The last song before the encore was Head Like a Hole, and it was amazing. Trent threw his guitar into the air, and the crowd was crazy throughout the whole song.

      After HLAH, the strobe lights flashed and the crowd screamed for what seemed like a really long time. Trent came out and played TDTWWA, which was very cool. And then the beginning of Just Like You Imagined started, and I had remembered that there was some technical problems the first time they tried it. Well, I didn't notice anything wrong with it and it turned out great. The crowd went nuts during Starfuckers, Inc., and the set was finished with Hurt, which was awesome because Jerome was pounding the drums extremely hard. The whole place was singing along, and it was a great way to end an awesome show.