"Everything was perfect. I just wish i could go again"
By Chris

      You know, when you miss school and drive a couple hours down to Indy to see your favorite group, you hope that the concert's gonna be good. So after standing in line for two hours, and getting my ticket scanned and marked to get that stupid green bracelet (which the attendante put on too tight for me, i flexed my wrist and it almost popped off), i was expecting to be blown away.

      The show started at about 8, with A Perfect Circle. They were great, they covered Ozzy's Diary of a Madman, then Maynard told us that the CD came out May 23rd, and said something like 'this is what i get for wearing a wig' and then they were off after Judith.

      It took a while for NIN to come on, and all the time the crowd was getting really compressed. Finally, at about 9:30, the lights dimmed and they started playing somewhat damaged. The lighting was amazing. White lights flashed form diffferent angles, creating different shadows on the curtain. Sometimes the shadow of the mic stand would flash, other times the mic and reznor, other times just reznor. It was awesome, and has to be seen to be believed. After that, they opened the curtain, and played terrible lie, which was followed by sin. In the middle of sin, the compression at the front got really bad, so i went back a bit, and i'm glad i did, because the next song was march of the pigs, all the pigs, all lined up from the MOTP single. During Wish, i was starting to get really dehdyated. I wanted to go get water, but i have given my money and my ticket to my friend to hold, because i didn't want to lose them (he had zip pockets). I was screwed, but I was to the point of drink or pass out. I turned around to leave the floor when i get hit, hard, in the head with something. I feel cool liquid on my back, and i turned around and grabbed the water bottle. Reznor had nailed me with his bottle, with perfect timing. So i stayed on the floor, and they finished off the set list with Head Like A Hole. They left for about two minutes, and then did the encore (The Day The World Went Away, Just Like You Imagined, Starfuckers, Inc., and Hurt). Just Like You Imagined sounded good, and Starfuckers was introduced with Trent telling us 'this song is about a friend of mine'. The concert ended with Hurt.

      The merchandise was pretty cool, they had belts ($12), t shirts ($28), the military shirt ($75) and shorts ($75), a poster ($8, i think), a notebook ($8), bumper stickers ($3), the ticket holder ($12) and some other cool stuff.

      I haven't been to many concerts (this was my second one), but i have a feeling that this was the best one i will ever go to. The lights, the opening band, the sound, the video, everything was perfect. I just wish i could go again.