So good, one just isn't enough
By HaloFive00

      Last night we attended the Indianapolis show with pit tickets, had a kickass time, even ended up being within 10 feet of trent when he came into the crowd for Piggy and came away with a water bottle. So today, we decided that we were going to go to the Chicago show no matter what. We won a bid on eBay for tickets, and all we had to do was meet this girl before the show and exchange money & tickets. We got there at least an hour and a half early but we couldn't find her, so we ended up sitting outside the back entrance where all the roadie buses were, freezing our asses off in a vain attempt to meet Maynard from Tool/A Perfect Circle.

      We ended up waiting at least another hour, and not long into our wait, two of the pavilion paramedics came by and asked us what we were doing. When we told them, they felt bad and figured out a way to get us in. The back doors were not guarded and they were open, when it was dark in the arena, you could walk around and not be noticed. So they told us to wait until Nails began playing to come in, and we did. Naturally, we were noticed immediatly and we took off, but the pavilion security saw us and called us over to yell at us. While we were standing there, a roadie for Nails that we had seen last night at the Indianapolis show and that we had talked to outside a few times saw us, listened to the guard yell at us, and all the sudden was like, "They're with me." So he got us in backstage and lead us out into the arena just as Nails went into Terrible Lie (first big song of the set). All he did once we got out of the secured area was turn around and say, "Have a good time." before walking off. Later on, we ran into the paramedics we talked to first, and they told us how to avoid security and get as close to the pit and stage as possible. We ended up within 100 feet of the stage, just to the side, with a great view (doesn't beat the pit spots we had last night right in front of Danny Lohner on the bar, but it was still great).

      We thought this story was close to the ultimate cool tale for a nails fan, thus we're emailing you with it.