"Definitely the greatest night of my life."
By deviated_paradox

      First off, I want to say that the show was an amazing experience, as you might already know if you're reading this. Anyway, my friend and I got to the UIC Pavilion at about 11:00 or 11:15, something like that. The wind made it really cold, and he wanted to leave since no one was there (we're both concert virgins). We waited outside until about noon, when my friend and I decided to go someplace warm for a while. We went to this Shell gasoline place for about three minutes, and then we went further away to a little cafe or something of the sort. I went to the restroom, and my friend wanted something to eat. Meanwhile, I ran back to see if anyone had lined up, and sure enough, two people were already there. I ran back to the restaurant (or whatever it was!), but by the time my friend and I were back , there was already a total of about 7 people there. So, I thought it would be okay, just a little chilly. I was so incredibly wrong. Actually, after the first three hours of the cold, I kind of got used to it. Anyway, you're probably just waiting for me to talk about the actual show...

      The doors thankfully opened at 6:30. Since I had no idea where to go, I had a face of horror (I always do) and I ran to the dance floor. When I got there, I just quickly positioned myself somewhere that I wouldn't piss anyone off (I'm a very weak person). I was all the way to the left, in front of the speaker, to the right of Danny (his right) . I looked at who was closer to the center of the stage, and I noticed that most of those people didn't line up until about 4 or 5. I felt really stupid, but oh well. Anyway, it was a while before APC came on (at around 8 or so). Overall, I enjoyed them, to say the least. Still, I couldn't wait for Nine Inch Nails to come on.

      After APC finished their set, I was really tired and unsuccessfully attempting to take a nap on the barricade. 'Pinion' was played with the lights on to wake me up from my daze in a very pleasurable way. Once 'Somewhat Damaged' began, I couldn't believe how real it was. Trent was right there. I was really caught up in 'Terrible Lie', but my weak voice gave out in the middle of 'Sin'. During those two songs (I think), Trent came all the way to the left of the stage. I just extended my hand, but it was still a good 5-10 feet from Trent. I think I was the only one jumping up and down. I know I looked really stupid, but it was an incredible experience. I can't remember the exact set list, but I'm almost positive it was the same as it has been before. Every single song was amazing, of course, much more than I ever expected (which was a lot). I hardly see the screen during 'La Mer'. I eventually gave up and just looked at Trent and Danny. 'Suck' was spectacular. When 'Hurt' started playing, I finally decided to take off my flannel. I think people were annoyed by me then, since I had saved up whatever I voice I had left to scream at the top of my lungs. It was an incredibly emotional experience. Trent commented at the end that he loves playing in Chicago. After that, I walked along, found my friend, and looked up to see a water bottle coming straight at me. I don't know who threw it, I couldn't see. Afterwards, I went to the APC and what I thought were NIN's tour buses. Billy Howerdel signed my ticket stub on his way out of the pavillion. There were a lot of people waiting for NIN, but I left at about 1:00 a.m. with my friend. People who I assumed worked with there were saying that the band went to the House of Blues, but maybe that was just to make us go away. Oh well. Unfortunately I can't go to the next Chicago show, but now I feel like I need to. It was definitely the greatest night of my life.