"My Nine Inch Nails Experience"
By Blanktyblnkblnk

      Well, first I want to tell you that this was my virgin NIN concert and I must say it was somewhat better than sex--even though I haven't had much lately...

      Anyway. At first it wasn't such an enjoyable event considering I had to freeze my ass off for a couple of hours waiting for the Kindly Ones in the Pavilion box office to get off their warm and cozy asses to give me my Will Call ticket. But I got over that standing on the arena floor talking to people while marveling at the solidarity of wearing a mere t-shirt (or less) in 40 degree weather. I guess in some situations--such as when you're going to see Trent Reznor--looking cool overrides being warm.

      Then, A Perfect Circle indifferently walked onstage and played while Maynard sang unintelligibly and stumbled around onstage. Don't get me wrong--I loved Tool, but A Perfect Circle needs to grow on me a little bit more. Also, towards the end of their set, Maynard, in the most forboding voice I've ever heard him speak, tells the crowd we should "support the good guys because the bad guys are winning..." I'm telling you, it made me want to go to the nearest WalMart and buy Lame Crapshit's "Significant Other" (kidding)

      Okay. After more music from T.R.'s personal mixtape pumping in my ear (I was right by those massive speakers) Everyone started screaming as we heard the first few guitar chords of Somewhat Damaged. I have to mention that I was Somewhat Peeved at having to stare at a curtain while hearing one of my favorite songs from the Fragile, but you know NIN must literally be enshrouded in mystery sometimes. Finally, the band revealed themselves to play Wish and I got the chance to focus on trent's sweaty face (in spite of being shoved in every direction) up until La Mer and the Great Below, where for about ten minutes or so the star of the show were the beautiful water scenes, and those lovely images that looked as if they were filmed off some Irish seaboard, or maybe it was English or Scottish...Whoa. Sorry, had a New Age moment there.

      Anyway, the show was great. Although, I learned pretty quick that you don't go to a NIN show to hear Trent talk. (I guess that's what the downloads on nin.com are for) Aside from a few Thank You Very Much's and song introductions, he didn't have much else to say. I think I've been spoiled by artists like Tori Amos, who treats her audience like we're all sitting in her parlour drinking tea.

      Right before the encore, I left the pit before someone could crack my ribs and watched the rest of the show on a balcony while sipping a WonderSoda (it had to be, it was three dollars)

      After the show was a bummer because it was me and a bunch of people waiting around for Trent even though he probably hopped inside his car and headed back to his hotel room, wondering who those fucking idiots were standing outside expecting him to do an aftershow signing in the cold weather. The things I go through for the people I love...