"Get ready for something you just have to see to believe."
By Ryan

      Well, this is going to be a very lengthy review because, it was my first concert in the mosh pit and I was so glad it got to be for my favorite band. Well to start off, for some reason unbeknownst to me, I couldn't find anyone to go with. I attend school at Purdue University so finally I got my roomate to come home with me for Easter weekend and come to the concert.

      When we arrived we didn't even have to wait outside we were quickly searched and given our orange/red floor wrist bands. I had to stop by the t-shirt counter and get a shirt with the tour dates on it. Then we prepared to head on down to the floor. I was so nervous for a number of reasons because all my friends warned me and my roomate about getting raped and a whole bunch of other garbage. Then I kept hearing nonsense from my parents because they were afraid that the fact that I'm black was just gonna target me for some serious consequences. They're closed-minded and hate my music anyway. But I'm a die-hard NIN fan and my roomate reassured me (she's white) and we just hung around waiting for A Perfect Circle.

      A Perfect Circle was fantastic, me and my roomate Libby hung back getting a feel for the crowd mesemerized by Maynard's voice and the haunting energy of the music. They were excellent and I suggest getting the CD when it comes out in May. Besides Maynard masturbating on stage during one song that I can't remember the title to, and hey whatever floats his boat, APC is well worth seeing live. I especially remember "Judith" as being an excellent song.

      Maynard was very appreciative thanking NIN for the opportunity and the crowd for coming early to watch them perform. He advised us to go out and get the new CD because "the bad guys are winning" he said. Then a big black curtain covered the set, of course i knew all of this since i had read every review of the earlier US shows.

      Libby and I pushed forward and made it very close to the right side of the stage. I guess we were listening to some Aphex Twin or something while NIN set up but I was still nervous about the pit. It didn't take long before I heard the opening chords of Pinion, the lights dimmed, and I was in for a most unforgettable experience.

      Let me just say that nothing can ever compare to seeing your favorite band live. The mosh pit wasn't bad at all, and I even managed to push my way to the front, leaving my roomate a little ways behind me. There's nothing like belonging to a sweaty mass of humanity united for the same cause and feeling the same energy. Trent didn't say much but he thanked the audience several times saying that he liked Chicago very much. The video displays were even more beautiful than I could have expected, intertwined with the music was the most breathtaking display I've ever seen. The lighting was very impressive, complementing the music well. Trent and Danny seemed to be in their own world when they would form little jam sessions side by side with Charlie. Charlie was truly pounding out the sounds on the keys. Robin jumped into the audience for a minute and Trent came down from the stage for a brief period early on. Trent is such an amazingly beautiful person- a real inspiration. I didn't get to see Danny and Charlie that much but they sounded great. Jerome was excellent on drums and Robin just seemed so noble...

      Meathead, you were right, I got nailed by several water bottles, but it was great. Any NIN fans out there afraid to go to concerts don't be, it's the most incredible experience you could ever have with the band. It helps if you're tall like me, because poor Libby did get kinda smashed in the pit but she said she had a good time. No bruises, broken bones, or ripped out piercings. Just the time of your life. Trent seemed to be genuinely happy that night even during "Hurt" and I jumped when I saw him nod to Robin and they began to play "Just Like You Imagined"- sounded fantastic live. I don't know why I was suprised to see him throw a few of his beautiful Fragile artwork guitars but he did.

      Oh if I could only do it again and again.... Nevermind the fact that my parents got on my case for coming home literally drenched in sweat. Nevermind the fact that people give me odd stares when I tell them I'm a NIN fan, closed minded people never see beyond color lines anyway. I envy all of you that have yet to see Fragility 2000. It came and went so fast. Get ready for something you just have to see to believe.