"..just completely went crazy"
By annie_amos

      10 minutes until 8, we arrived at the UIC center. About the time we got patted down, used the bathroom, and made our way to the floor, it was 3 minutes until the show began.

      Amazingly, we managed to get pretty close to the stage. Not REALLY close, but close enough to the stage to see the nice muscle indention on maynards body when A perfect circle started their set. As APC played, I started getting into it, yet not enough to mosh. Considering I haven't heard all of the album yet, and it was the first time I'd even heard them.They played a good set, which lasted from 8 to about 8:40 to 8:50. Everyone gave a good applause, and maynard thanked nine inch nails for the opportunity to the open for them.

      The nin crew closed the stage with a black curtain and the lights came on. Everyone began socializing within their own group and the place filled with voices. Generally, I didn't think the crowd was all that friendly. After about 45 minutes of waiting, the lights went back out and everyone heard the building of somewhat damaged. The crowd went completely insane. Screaming and yelling and ppl were already moshing. everyone started pushing together, trying to get closer to the stage. After somewhat damaged finished, the curtain was brought open, and they launched into terrible lie. The band was once again powdered with flour, as they had previously done on the Self Destruct tour. After terrible lie, they started sin. So far, so good. I was already pretty tired by that time, since I went crazy slamin to somewhat damaged. After sin, I'm not sure what was played. I think maybe March of the pigs. I can't remember the playlist in order...but I can remember most of the songs played. *somewhat damaged*
terrible lie*
march of the pigs*
the wretched
*the frail*
the great below*
gave up*
head like a hole *
la mer
*the day the world went away*
suck :D*
ripe (With decay) (not sure)

      When suck came on, I almost went insane. I couldn't believe they were playing it. trent mumbled something about 'doing this song a long time ago with pigface' they started playing it. I jumped as high as I could; I just completely went crazy. (resulting in a very painful neck now, but it was worth it) I just watched trent and stared in complete awe. I sung along with most of it, and I knew that in the line 'I'm jesus christ, on ecstacy' trent would replace it with 'I'm jesus FUCK on ecstacy' and he did. :)

      I was completely fuckin wore out, and could barely breath. At one point, trent said after finishing a song, 'I wrote this song for an ex-friend'. Then went into starfuckers, inc. The crowd seemed to rise out of their slump and began to scream and mosh. Towards the end of the song, when the music calms, and trent began to sing 'all the pain, how did you think we'd get by without you? you're so vain, I bet you think this song is about you' the entire pit was singing along. 'don't you? don't you? by the 3rd 'don't you' the entire place was singing along. trent stopped, the entire band stopped and stared at the crowd. we all yelled 'don't you' maybe 10 times before the voices started to lower. the band just looked at each other. then suddenly the music boomed, and trent yelled 'don't you!' maybe 3 more times and the song continued. for me, that was definately a very memorable part.

      twice, I was SO close to getting a thrown water bottle by danny. A person that I conversed in the crowd before the show got it though. I wanted it, but I was pretty happy for him. I did manage to get splashed on the boobs once by danny. :D Then, trent threw his guitar and pushed a keyboard I think they left the stage. Then I heard someone close to me starting to chant 'nine inch nails' I went along, and maybe 100 or so people did and the band came back on. everyone cheered, of course. they performed the day the world went away. Trent and danny stood in front of each other and played the hell outta the guitars. That was definately a highlight for me.

      finally, nine inch nails went into hurt. the crowd went insane and got quiet as trent performed the song that so carried so much meaning for nin fans everywhere. At the very end, the lights lit up the entire stage, as they finished. trent politely thanked everyone, and the band left the stage. after, the crowd pushed toward the stage, hoping to get some broken paraphenalia to no avail. the lights came on. I shoved my way to the front rail, and hung there, feeling like I was about to die. I found a wendys cup or something sitting on a little thing that a bouncer had left. it had a litte bit of water in it, and gulped it down. we stood there for about 5 minutes, tryin to rest a little bit. Rob, the guy with the video camera came around and got a good shot of all the ppl in the front row. my sister and I got on there, and we're on the quicktime video on nin.com. I tried smiling alot, even though I was so exhausted I felt like dying.

      Finally, the UIC security gaurds came along and told everyone they had to leave. oh yeah, I almost forgot. during a low point in a song, I yelled 'Bring out leo! I wanna see leo!' this big guy next to me just looked at me. then he looked at trent and started to do this little circle twirl with his arm. I could swear trent looked at him and started shaking his head. I'm not sure. I doubt it means much, but ya never know.

      anyway. I got the black 'nine inch nails: the fragile' shirt with the blue thing on the front. I also got a Laminated fragile ticket holder for my tickets. if I wasn't so goddamn tired after the show, I would have thought to get more stuff, but I only had $100. I noticed people looking at me funny, maybe it was because my face was flushed and I looked like I was about to fall down. but I really think it was because I'm so goddamn hot, and they couldn't keep from staring and undressing me with their eyes. (well, not really, but that'd be pretty cool)