"That was it, greatest concert I have ever been to.."
By TeleSatan

I attended the April 21st show in Chicago at the UIC Pavillion, and I have not stopped thinking about it since. I immediatly bought floor seats again for the 26th show in Chicago. The concert was amazing, the place was not too small not too big just right, and the tons of people made the concert even more exciting. I was lucky to get so close to the stage as I arrived 1 and a half hours early, A Perfect Circles stuff was out and ready to go, and by 8pm the lights were being tested, and out walked APC casually walking to their instruments. Maynard had grown out his hair to his ass. APC began to play "Hollow" and onto to "Orectes" Maynard for every song stood in a "Marilyn Mansonish" pose as he sang. The crowd seemed to enjoy it, but not as much as screaming "Maynard!" and "PLAY TOOL!". I enjoyed them.

The curtain closed and the crowd's adrenaline began to build, my friend and I talked trying to kill time as we awaited for Trent to appear. NIN's roadies loudly worked behind the curtain as a looped keyboard intro sounded, than onto the guitar riff of Pinion, and finally the stage lit up behind the curtain, Somewhat Damaged began to be played. By now, I was being tossed around and stepped on, I got tense and slammed my foot down because I had no where to fucking stand. Some girl behind me yelled "ow!" at the top of her lungs. Somewhat Damaged continued to Terrible Lie, and I was thrown to the side where I remained most of the concert infront of Lohner. Trent did his usual jumping into the crowd during Pig, and was again covered in corn starch.

The show conclude with Starfuckers, and finally Hurt, thought not much destruction Trent through his guitar down, which had a cool paint job (the blurred leaf on the fragile album). After Hurt the lights went on, Trent's roadie with the camera scanned the audience, and my friend and I appeared on the video :). My friend and I headed out to the tour buses and wait for a while. Out of nowhere I spotted Billy Howerdal of APC in the bus and signalled him to come out, he did and he signed my Q101 flyer. (A chicago radio station) By the way boycott the hell out of Q101, they're absolutly the worst radio station in the US. That was it, greatest concert I have ever been to, can't wait for wed.!