"..everything went well. "
By Trentsgrl1

I was at the Madison show and they played a lot of good songs like Starfuckers, Hurt, The Day the World Went Away, etc. before the show the guy sitting next to my sister and I had gotten an after show pass from a blonde chick named Lynn. if anyone can tell me who she is it would help. she claimed she was friends with the Band NIN. personally I think the Perfect Circle sucks. they onlt had one good song that was dedicated to Danny. =) while they were setting up for NIn we waved to Leo and he waved back at us twice (sweetie).

and when the show started everyone went crazy. heh. Danny was wearing a tank top and cut off pants, Trent was wearing pants and a shirt similar to the one in the pic I sent you. Robing was wearing a long sleeve black shirt and pants, but half way through he took off the shirt and revealed a red shirt over a mesh shirt. I didn't really see Jerome cause he was in the corner and was covered by the speakers, but Charlie was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt.

at the beginning of the show Trent through Robin off stage by his hair and Danny kept spitting his water at the crowd. when they came back onstage they said they they were discussing this backstage and said that we were the best crowd on the tour yet. =) how sweet! after the concert my sis and I yelled at Leo and he waved at us again. the screens were awesome, Trent's voice was in great shape and everything went well. =)