"it was the most memorable experience i've ever had in my entire life so far,"
By tara

the show in madison was just amazing. i saw went to the one in minneapolis on the 17th, and this one was surprisingly even better. i was sick for the minneapolis show and just stood back and engulfed myself in the music and just watched the band... but for the madison show i vowed to get right in the front and stay there no matter what it took. this was nine inch nails, i had to.

a perfect circle, i loved, once again. the only thing i think would have been better with them was that everything was so damn perfect. they didn't move a lot, they don't really have the "live" thing going on at all. i've heard most of the studio tracks off of mer de norm and a perfect circle's sound live is completely flawless... in a way that's completely awesome, but in a way, i really would prefer a little rawness to a live performance. i could tell most of the people liked a perfect circle, too. i was in the right front area right in front of the guitarist. there was this big huge fat violent guy with asthma that pushed his way into the front by everyone that completely took my concentration off of the band and made me focus on not getting crushed to death. he was hyperventilating and ramming into people while screaming "nine inch nails!!!" i think he had some sort of mental problem or was on drugs if he went to a nin concert and thought a perfect circle was nine i! nch nails. but the security guards pulled him over after we screamed and yelled to get him out for a while.

during the break between bands i took the time to talk to the people around me. they were the coolest people i'd ever met, and we all vowed to help each other keep our perfect spots for nine inch nails. there are no stereotypical nine inch nails fans, everyone was really different, and really nice. it was so cramped, i couldn't even lift my arms up, and people's limbs and other body parts were poking into my own.

and then nine inch nails started playing.

i don't exactly remember the set list, but if you want to find it bad enough i'm sure it won't be hard. they played a lot of their heavy stuff. i loved the screens in the back. i don't remember what song it was, but someone threw a shirt and it wrapped around his head completely covering his head. he just left it on through the chorus and kept on singing. the colors and images were beautiful, they fit with the music so well, it put me in a daze. it almost made me completely forget the the pain and discomfort for a second. i think they played some different or maybe some more songs at this show than they did at the minneapolis show. robin, trent, and danny throwing water into the crowd constantly REALLY helped out a lot. it was the most memorable experience i've ever had in my entire life so far, and I have plenty of fun bruises as souvenirs.