"...the most amazing experience I have ever had!"
By Abigail

I really donít know where to start. The NIN concert on 4/22/00 was the most amazing experience I have ever had! I am embarrassed to say that before I went I was questioning going, because on top of the band signifying my sister and dads bonding (which he has never done with me), I had been canceled on by many people and I had ended up having to go with Emily (my sister of whom I very near hate). Damn am I glad I decided to go!

      The show started with an opening band called The Perfect Circle. The music they played was good, but I did find the lead singer a little disgusting (pelvic thrusts and all). I will give him a few points though for a comment he made on how the majority of popular music today is crap (ex. sellouts like nsync and Britny Spears). It is sucking the life and money out of the people who deserve the praise for their art and we have to try to bring the talent (ex. NIN, R.E.M. Metallica and Tracy Chapman) who are trying so hard to bring us good music back in the spotlight!!!!!!!!

      Any way... then NIN came on stage. They started off with a whisper, literally, they began with the volume slowly rising from a just recognizable murmur to a fucking kick ass, blow your brains out scream! For the first song they remained behind a white curtain just to let the anticipation of the audience rise. Then the audience exploded with screams when the curtain was moved and there stood Trent and the gang in all of their glory. The band ripped out many songs from Fragility, but also touched down on many earlier albums, not really leaving much out (even though I do wish he had played Reptile), and a lot of the time elongating the songs, or adding extra shit on to make them, yes I know its hard to believe, but better! He also was sure to make the audience extra "happy" by throwing out water bottles and the occasional band member. He seemed to make sure to single out people, because he Was continuously pointing out into the audience. Not to brag, but I know he really singled out me because on top of pointing at me Emily and Allie (her friend) during Head Like a Hole, when I yelled "We love you Trent," at the top of my lungs he looked at me and laughed. Which I am truthfully saying made me almost shit my pants. Once they finished their planned play list and left the stage a huge, yet beautiful mess, the crowd began chanting their name with close to every other person holding up a lighter. It was beautiful! Then after what seemed like forever they came back on stage and Trent said that the band had talked it over back stage and decided that we were the best audience they had encountered so far on the tour, and then they just kept playing. Eventually they finished with Hurt and left half the audience crying their eyes out. It was AMAZING!

      Not only was the music great, so was the crowd. It wasnít like your average concert where there are people there just to be seen, or to dance, or mosh. Everybody was there to let emotions "unsuitable" for our society out. During the song Hurt I looked over the crowd and could see the pain in the eyes of every single person out there. This concert was the first time I have ever felt that much of a connection with a crowd of people that large. Every one I met there was extremely nice. There wasnít anyone there who wasnít totally letting themselves get into the music. Even the mosh pit wasnít as much about trying to kill the person in front of you as it was just letting the emotions and hatred that our society has ground into us out.

      I apologize to all of you guys who might not want to read this, but Trent was an animal! MEOW!!!

      He was the fucking sexiest thing I have ever seen! Unless they were gay, I am sure every girl in that audience was just barely holding themselves back from running up there and tackling him. He is what I like to call a fucking orgasm in a box!

      Now after all of this I can truthfully say I love Trent Reznor! He puts sooooo much into his music that to try to compare him to a band like KORN, or Godsmack is an insult. He really seems to care about the other people that are forced to live in this world of money and hate, and above all he is sincere. The Monday after the concert I was talking to someone else who had been there and he commented that he thought of Reznor as a god. Unfortunately I see him as to much of a real person that makes mistakes, lives on earth with us, and is forced to go through the same crap we have to. Maby thats the biggest draw to him, he is just human, yet he can create art that touches people sooo deeply. I really respect him because he isnít doing what he is doing for anything other than to help himself and others in pain. Plus he is fucking hot :)