A complicated play by play
By NINfragility2000

March 18, 2000/ 11:30 AM- I'm at Dominick's, the closest ticket master to my house here in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, I've got 200 bucks in my pocket and a NIN shirt on adn i'm standing in line to get tickets for the NIN show coming to the UIC pavillion on April 21.

March 18, 2000/ 12:00 AM- Tickets go on sale and i'm near the end of the line due to some stupid lottery thing that they have goin on. even though i was the second person there.

March 18, 2000/ 12:10 AM- I'm next in line when i hear the ticket dude say "sorry, its sold out," the guy in front of me leaves and i go up to the counter and say gimme 4 tickets i dotn care where, he says "none left, sorry good bye."

Needless to say i was very pissed. March 18 2000/ 6:30 PM- I discover the show in Madison, Wisconsin is not yet sold out, Due to the fact that i'm only 14 i had to ask my dad if he'd buy the tickets to the Madison show and bring my friends there. My father, being very generous decided to go for it and let me have my fun. I had tickets to the Madison, Wisconsin show on April 22.

For the next month me and my 2 friends got more and more pumped about going to NIN.

April 22, 2000/ 2:00 pm- We're on the way to road on the way to Madison, Wisconsin. On the drive up there we listened to two NIN songs, Head like a Hole, and Hurt, just so we would be looking forward to listening to and experiencing NIN more.

April 22, 2000/ 4:00 pm- We see 2 busses that look like tour busses, both with a girl in the front of them with NIN shirts on. we were very excited about that, but we doubted that they were actually the tour busses.

April 22, 2000/ 5:30 pm- We're in Madison, Wi at our hotel just messin around.

April 22, 2000/ 6:45 pm- We leave our hotel to go to the concert

April 22, 2000/ 7:05 pm- we arrive at the Dane County Colousem. 5 minuites after the doors opened, to avoid the rush of General Admission, which is what all of the tickets were. When, to our surprise, we saw the same exact busses that we saw on the way there! We wre so amazed and very excited.

April 22, 2000/ 7:30 we find seats in the front of the closest seated section right near the mosh, and pretty much right next to the stage, we had great seats and could see EVERYTHING from VERY close up, we figured if we went in the mosh we'd be killed, due to the fact that we're all like 5' 4" and about 120 pounds, and we dont stand our own very well anyway, plus my 49 year old father was there, and he doesnt like NIN he was just there as a favor to us.

April 22, 2000/ 8:00- A Perfect Circle hits the stage, does a good set, nothin incredible, due to the fact that we were waiting for NIN to come on and didnt care much about it.

April 22, 2000/ 9:20- NIN hits the stage, FINALLY! performing their first little bit behind a black curtain with only flashes of light showing the shadows of NIN. They played The New Flesh, Pinion, and Somewhat Damaged behind the curtain. Then everything went dark. when it all came back with the drum beats of Terrible Lie, which may have been the best song of the night. Terrible Lie was incredible, all the loud TERRIBLE LIE's were jsut yelled by the crowd. Their whole set was great! It al ended when finally they played Head like a Hole. That was also amazing, The Mosh went Crazy as hell. after this something really cool happened. NIN went off stage and everything went dark. Ligheters started popping up everywhere their had to be 1,000 or more of them, it was an incredible sight. Trent came back out and said "well we discussed it back stage an we've decided that this is the best crowd of the tour so far" and then they went on to play "the Day The World Went Away" and right at the beginning of the song a shirt landed and stayed on his head! that was amazingly funny! when he finished that verse he said "nice fucking shot" and took the shirt off his head and threw it into the crowd. right before "Starfuckers, Inc." he kind of chuckled and said "this one's about a friend of mine" and there were murmers of Manson that you could hear. And Starfuckers Inc. was the craziest song of the night, the mosh was amazing at this point, and i was going "nucking futs" you could say. And then they played my favorite song Hurt, as their last song of the night. it was incredible. I sang along to every word, as i did to more then half the songs. The screens were amazing, the lighting was incredible, Trent's voice was great and it was worth sitting in a car for 3 and a half hours!

April 23, 2000/ 12:00 AM- Everyone that was at the show from our hotel was in the hot tub just talking about it and remembering their favorite moments. it was great, NIN fans are the greatest.

April 23, 2000/ 10:00 AM- We're on our way home after the greatest nights of our lives, vowing to go to NIN the next time we get a chance.

It was incredible and totally worth every bit of money i spent on it! NIN is amazing and I love them more then ever now. i'm still amazed by how incredible the show was. I scored a Ticket holder thing kinda like a fake backstage pass. And a shirt that was black with white NIN symbol on the front, with Fragility (backwards) 2000 on the back. I wanna go back and do it again, and i'm sure i will some time!