"Trent was once again unbelieveable"
By tim ??

I attended the same show in Grand Rapids last night, and i must say that Trent was once again unbelievable. The set list was pretty much the same as the one i sent in my review of the Detroit show with just a couple of differences. I dont think that NIN played "The Big Come Down", which they played in Detroit. Also, he had one of the middle screen down for closer, and he had some cool patterns on it behind him which gave a marvelous effect. A perfect circle started the show, and i thought their performace was better then that one they did in detroit. Maynerd seemed to be in it a bit more. NIN though was just sensational. Trent gave just another emotionally full performance which left me numb at the end. The crowd erupted right at the beginning when Pinion went on, and then broke into "Somewhat Damaged". The crowd didnt seem to be into it as much as the one in Detroit, but the true,hardcore fans were as wild as ever. I didnt see too much instrumental damage this time. i believe Trent through his guitar once, and also a mic stand, but he kept the damage under control for most of this one. The biggest cheers from the crowd for a song came right at the end of The Frail, as The Wretched began. Trent's voice and all the instruments sounded exceptional. Only once did the sound sound even a bit off. The lighting and screens were once again perfect though. After returning for the encore, the crowd gave a huge cheer for The Day The World Went Away. His finish with Hurt was once again breath taking. I dont think anyone puts the effort into the live performance that Trent does, and his finished product is just unbelievable. I envy all of you people that get to see him in the future of this tour,