" I saw death that night, and he was faceless."
By Kathy Smith

I attended the Grand Rapids, MI NIN show last Tuesday, the 25th of April. I met the guy in the God is in the TV video who says, "Revalation is at hand, man. I have to meet you someday. The end is fuking near!" He's with the Church of Satan, and was talking to people about it and passing out pamphlets. I aproached him and we talked for a while. Interesting stuff, that satanism. Parallels much of what I think. When A Perfect Circle ( who were absolutely beautiful ) got done playing, I smoked a joint. Since I was sick with some sort of cold, drove three hours to get there, hadn't eaten anything all day, was standing for an hour in line outside and all through APC's set in the front where it was hot and stuffy and hard to breathe, and had given all my energy away just from trying to stay standing with all those stupid idiots pushing each other around, I began to lose consciousness. I tried my damndest to stay up, I lifted my head up as high as I could, but my vision was fading and I was losing energy. I heard people telling me to stay awake, keep my energy, but I just blacked out. The next thing I know, I'm on the other side of the fence, in front of everyone, being escorted by security guards to a bench where I sat down and recovered. My friends that I went with told me that I went into seizures when they picked me up and crowd-surfed me to the front, and that my eyes were open wide. Though I don't remember ANYTHING. Wierd. So I'm just wondering if anyone saw me. I stayed for the Nails show, though, which blew me away. I didn't get as far up front as I was before, though. Destroy moshing! If not for those fags, I probably could've stood peacefully, but no. I saw death that night, and he was faceless. Assholes.