"Nine Inch Nails please come back to Michigan!!!"
By joe sparks
I've been waiting 5 years to see NIN, it was worth the $44 plus a shitload more. I was one of the lucky ones to live in Kalamazoo waiting for NIN to come around here. My friend and I arrived at Van Andel at 7:00pm, so we waited a fast 15 minutes to get into the show. Our activities in line where: Counting the number of NIN shirts, Looking for most creative gothic costumes ( You know, the Crow wannabes ), and laughing as the "Undercover Cop" who went around asking if anyone had any tickets to sell. Once we got in we glanced at the merchandise real quick and then headed off to the floor. It may cost $20 extra to get on the floor, but I sat in the nose bleed section for Korn once in Detroit and that's a complete waste of money. Plus I've been waiting for 5 years to see NIN, so there's no way I would miss the floor. So any ways, we got close to the stage (about 5 people back from the fence), and waited for a perfect circle to start. I talked to some people with KMFDM shirts on (My second favorite band), and that helped pass the time. Then A Perfect Circle came on. They started right in and began jiving away. This was my first time even hearing them ( Since I don't Listen to the radio, when you have every NIN CD, and every KMFDM cd the radio has nothing to offer.) Their show started out semi slow and after a few songs when they figured out how to make their guitars sound semi heavy they went mellow again. All this time im standing in the crowd asking when the song Judith is coming on. Maynard was acting like his normal drunk self while his stage team stood still trying to remember which chord to play next. Don't get me wrong, I like Maynard and their web site kicks ass, but he needs to get his act together with TOOL and then have TOOL open for NIN. So that's pretty much how I rated A Perfect Circle. I just stood on the floor lightly bobbing my head while I looked around watching others quietly bobbing theirs waiting for Nine Inch Nails to get out. It went by pretty fast, and they were smart to play Judith last, lol. After APC, my friend and I went outside to have a smoke. I told some guy who was starring at my shirt what a Blue Box was ( I had my 2600 shirt on ) and then headed on in for NIN ( HELL FUCKING YEAH ). So we went back on to the floor and towards the stage, but now we ended up only to be able to make it 8 people away from the fence. A couple people around me were thinking exactly what I was thinking, "You see all those little 4 to 5 1/2 feet tall people around us, when NIN comes out and everyone rushes towards the stage they are fucked!" Soon enough Nine Inch Nails broke out, and everyone rushed as expected. It was great. Starting out with Pinion began behind black curtains filled with smoke while strobe-like flashes revealed each of Trent and the gang's shadows. Since this was my first NIN concert I didn't give a shit if they started out standing on their heads yelling, "We're Monkeys". I was just glad to be 30 feet from Trent. A couple minutes passed and then Terrible Lie starts, hell yeah. That's one of my fav songs so i'm going nuts.... seems like salvation comes only in our dreams.... duu duunce. I'm looking around and the whole crowd isn't going as nutty as I am, but I didn't care, I came to see Trent not the dumb shits who paid $44 to stand around doing nothing. NIN was great, he came down towards the crowd like once right in the area where I was (towards the front-left-middle of the fence) and I tried to touch him but got bombarded by 400 other people with a similar idea. I was tightly packed with all the other people in the front of the fence during the whole NIN session. And I somehow got welded closer and closer towards the fence (Hey, No complaints here, the closer the better). By the end of the show I was 1 person away from the fence. This happened slowly by inching my way through during the Crowd surfers, and little people crying for help because they got the air pushed from their lungs by the tightness of the floor crowd. I lost my friend because he finally couldn't take the 800 people pushing their way to the stage and his chest started hurting. I'm a 6' 3", 235 pound muscular red headed guy that's actually in shape, so the pressure didn't bother me a bit. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't one of the assholes who hit you in the head or picked you up and threw you out of my way. I stood during the concert waving my arms and having a great time doing it. When my favorite song off of the Fragile came on "The Frail, and The Wretched" I was so fucking happy you couldn't believe, I was not expecting them to play that at all. Trent starts out playing the keyboard, then starts the Wretched. That was great. Another favorite was WISH, Trent and his two companions hammered away on the guitars and it sounded just like it did when I heard it for my first time back in 95 when I listened to it on broken..... wish there was something real .. in this world full of you!! The guitars were great, they were great, what a fun fucking night. Closer was bad ass too, the LCD panels flashed an orange light that went along with the music. I actually think it sounded better on the floor than on CD, you actually got to feel each of the bass booms and rhythmic tones that you just can't get with a cd. The Encore was great, I lost count of all the songs they played. Starfuckers, Inc. was exactly what you hear on the live recording off the single for "The day the world went away". What more can you ask of them, just listen to the song number 2 off that single and imagine what it would be like to be the crowd that NIN is playing for, I know I know you envy the shit out of me, hehe. So in total NIN put on a fucking great show, the best I've ever been too ( NIN blew away, the 2 Family Values Tours, and the Korn/Rob Zombie concerts I've been to). NIN put on a show with LCD panels, water bottles, and great songs. For a NINie like me it was a dream come true. After the lights turned on I slowly made my way back towards the doors. I was drenched, I mean if I were to have twisted my shirt about 5 pounds of sweat (20% mine, 80% of the other crowd members) would have flooded the parking lot. But hey, it was worth it. I stopped on my way out to buy a couple shirts, and I fucking forgot to pick up one of those Back Stage pass ticket holders. I want one of those so bad, if anyone has an extra and would like to sell it, I will pay $20 no bullshit. My E-Mail address is LeveL@Stones.com. That was my concert, I didn't come close to death or anything. Remember when you smoke joints and your buzz wares off your extremely tiered and are not in any shape to take on 800 people rushing at you. I know this from past concerts and am so glad I passed on this one (for once). Nine Inch Nails please come back to Michigan!!!