"The sound quality had improved greatly .."
By TeleSatan
This was the 2nd NIN show I had attended in the past week at the UIC Pavillion. I was at the Friday night show (21st) and I was not expecting anything more, boy was I wrong. The sound quality had improved greatly becasue they had been there the week before and knew how to setup, A Perfect Circle was more roudy than usual, and the crowd was smaller, more room to mosh. :) NIN came out with Somewhat Damaged, behind the black curtain, and went into Terrible Lie which was amazing. During the show Trent commented on the Chicago Sun-Times Review saying "anyone seen the sun-times, I need to wipe my ass with it, etc., etc..." than on played The Day The Whole World Went Away. I finally got up to the front row for Hurt and was almost captured on film but was trampled by huge fat guys. I wound up getting a water bottle, not sure whose it was, and I also got a gray pick not sure whose it is either. This show in my opinion was twice as good as the 21st.