"I was in a euphoric disarray..."
By WoodStock

I had 2nd balcony for the April 21st show. That was a great show. Having 2nd balcony also made me more determined to have front row center for the April 26th show. I had front row for the first NIN show I ever went to in September '94'...an unbelievable experience, i'll never forget it. :)

When I woke up on April 26th, my goal was to get to UIC Pavilion as soon as possible. I had to go to my two classes but then I was on my way. There had to be about 10-12 people in front of me in line. I was a little distraught. Especially, since my cousin had been there for a few hours but was on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE BUILDING!! (She did not think to walk around the building to look for the dance floor line.) I was talking to some of the guys in line. One guy was saying that when he was pulling into the parking lot Trent walked right past his car. The guy froze. He was kinda shocked to see Trent walking around with only one other guy in broad daylight. Around 4pm, we got our wristbands which were this awesome color blue!!! At 6:30pm, the doors opened. I bolted to the gate as fast as I could without killing myself. I grabbed onto the bar (front row center) and never lost my position for the entire show. Pretty impressive for someone who is 5'2" and 120 pounds!!

The show was excellent!! Better than the 4/21 show. A Perfect Circle was awesome! Maynard's voice is so erogenous! Between 6:30pm and NIN hitting the stage, I was talking to this guy, Armando. He was standing right behind me. He had dark spiked hair, about 5'10"-6', tends to be very friendly and is very cute. His friend, a girl, had very cool short red hair. Anyways, I mention these two because I lost them after the show!!! Armando said he had also gone to the 4/21 show and the Madison show. HEY, ARMANDO, IF YOU'RE READING THIS...E-MAIL ME!!!

Nine Inch Nails was spectacular! Trent was right in front of me! He was wearing green eye shadow. I love a man that wears make-up. "Somewhat Damaged" is excellent live. Hell, the entire set was astonishing! During "Sin", Trent came down off the stage!!!!!! At first, he was just to the left of me. I was reaching for him and got a hold of his shirt as he was moving over in my direction. I grabbed on to his arm with my other hand. I continued to hold onto him with both hands until the security guards put him back on stage. Trent was so full of energy for this show!! I could feel his energy emanating off his body!!! I was ecstatic! I felt like I was going to burst out of my skin! The music, the lights, the screens, the crowd, and especically Trent ...I was in a euphoric disarray.