"and i was not let down..."
By Nick Kennedy

I had been looking forward to this show for at least 5 years, and i was not let down. Maple Leaf Gardens was a nice venue, it appeared to have a capacity of about 15 000 people, and the sound in the place was fantastic. By the time the show had started, the place was packed, most of the seats appeared to be full, and on the floor, where i was, it was packed, you could barely move. The show began with the stage being surrounded by a large black curtain. First thing we heard was Pinion being played from behind the curtain. As it finished, the curtain opened, and the band exploded into Terrible Lie, one of my favorite songs. The lighting was fantastic, a massive array of lights along the ceiling, as well as several very nice lasers, and lights on the stage. The nicest part of the whole setup was three tall, thin movie screens, which played various different types of imagery. It all depended on what song was being played. Trent was wearing the gray fatigues that he wore at some of the previous shows.

I had a perfect place for the show, i was about 10 feet from the stage, right in the middle of the pit, it was great. As i said before, the lighting was fabulous, it was green, purple, and various other cool colors during the softer parts of songs, and then went red, orange and other warm colors during the louder parts of the songs. My 3 favorite songs had to be Wish, Terrible Lie, and Head Like a Hole. The lighting during Head Like a Hole was a black and white, very difficult to describe, but very cool. The coolest parts included during Gave Up, when the 3 screens began flashing red and blue. Each screen would turn red, then blue, and they would change about 5 times every second, very cool effect. The audience, and Trent went balistic during Starfuckers, which was probably the coolest part of the show. Trent commented that all of our cheering had put him in a good mood, which is something that does not happen often. The show closed with Hurt, and the entire audience singing along. So, in conclusion, this was without a doubt the most incredible night of my life, and i would encourage EVERYONE to go see NIN if they have the chance.