"I can probably die happy now."
By Leaving Hope

So it's Friday, and I"m pretty bloody excited about the day that is coming before me. But I had *NO* idea it would have gone so well.

We left Kitchener for Toronto at about 12:15ish, desperately hoping that we'd get to Toronto in time to see Trent on MuchMusic. As it turns out, we got there JUST in time to see him poke his head out the window and say hi to the fans. He looked shy, and uncomfortable, but not upset in the least. I love seeing Trent like that, it makes him seem much more down to earth. Admittedly, we couldn't hear anything that was said, but it was cool to be that close to him none-the-less.

Now it was off to the hotel. We met up with a bunch of friends who bought tickets off of us. We hung around the hotel, getting extremely hyped up, and ready to go. We drank muchly.

Doors opened at 8, but we had seats, so we weren't worried, we got there at about 8:45, and were expecting that Perfect Circle would be on then. Apparently we were wrong, as the first song that we heard was Pinion. Oh well, nothing against PC, but they weren't the band I was tnere to see.

From pinion, they moved right into Terriblie Lie, then Sin, and after that, I can't quite remember which song comes in which order. However, they played The Great Below, Closer, La Mer, Complication, Get Down Make Love, Suck, March Of The Pigs (with the All The Pigs, All Lined Up ending), The Frail/The Wretched, and ended with Head Like a Hole. For an Encore, they played The Day The World Went Away, The Way Out Is Through, Starfuckers Inc, and Hurt.

The absolute highlight of the concert for me was easily Complication, which has never sounded so powerful. The synth was incredible, as was the guitars.

The 3-screens he had were used incredibly well in all songs they were on for. I felt that the orangy-fire used for closer fit, as did the bright blue for HLAH, and the pictures of people and water for The Great Below.

The show SEEMED short, but when I looked at my watch, they appeared to have played for almost 2 hours. I sang along to every song. It was funny when he played GDML and no one seemed to know the words. Sigh. Posers. ;)

The sound was amazing throughout...I was incredibly impressed with Trent's singing...I couldn't have been more impressed.

But the best was yet to come. We left the concert extremely happy. I picked up 9 T-Shirts, a poster, the tourguide, and a pin. The T-Shirts were very good this tour, though I was dissapointed that the camo-gear was not available. Perhaps they figure since we're such a peace loving country, we wouldn't want it? ;)

We got back to the hotel room, and my friend (Rhett), and his gf (Sarah) left to go for a walk. I slept. All of a sudden, 50 minutes later, there's a frantic knocking on the door. I answer it. Rhett is screaming at me to come with him, and bring my CD's. They had just met Trent and crew. We ran down to the parking lot by Maple Leaf Gardens, but alas, no Trent was there to be seen. Shucks. So we're standing there, talking, and Rhett looks at me, and says:

'Hey Nathan, there's Charlie'.
'Oh yeah, it is Charlie', I said mater-of-factly. You have to understand, other than Trent, Charlie is by far my favorite member of the group. I think he's phenominal. And there, not more than 20 feet away, is Charlie Clouser, standing with a security guard.
'well go over to him man!' yells Rhett.

So off I go to see Charlie, a guy I've wanted to meet since 1995. The security guard stops me, but I tell him that Charlie's my favorite member of the group, and I *REALLY* want to meet him. And so I do. I ask if Charlie will sign my FDTSv2, because it's hot his 'version' remixes on it, he says he doesn't have a pen, but runs to the bus to get one. He comes back, and we sit there and talk for awhile. It was crazy. here I am, talking with Charlie Clouser. Admittedly, I would have been even more starstruck if it had have been Trent. But you have no idea how much I like Charlie. He saw my 2CD broken, and thought it was extremely cool (he had never seen it), in fact, he was blown away that I had the v2 version of FDTS. I asked him if they were coming back, and he said probably after the festivals overseas. I told him I thought his remix work was fantastic, and that he fucks with sound like no one can. He thanked me, signed my CD, and I shook his hand. It was about this time that the other peoplin the parking lot realized that I just be talking to someone mildly important, and so they came over. Charlie had already signed Rhett's ticket, and Sarah's T-Shirt. (the babydoll white Fragility one, it looked incredible!) So I'm still in awe, and there are other people crowding Charlie, and I look over, and to my immediate left, is Robin. Now, Charlie was every bit as personable as I had read, and I couldn't believe that I had just spent 10 minutes talking to him by myself....and not that Robin wasn't friendly, he signed my ticket, but he seemed very shy. I give all of these guys credit, they could have holed up in the bus, but they were outside, tlaking with the fans.

Earlier, Sarah gave Trent her Kinder-Surprise...and they met Danny. In fact, the only no-show was Jerome. Oh well.

So I went back to my hotel, in awe of what had just happened. No, I didn't get to see Trent up close (but I did get his autograph thanks to Rhett, my best friend for ages, and now forever!)

It was a better night than I ever could have hoped.

I can probably die happy now. (though I'd still love to meet Trent)