"never seen something, anyone, more impressive..."
By chi chang
I was at the NIN show in TO, at The Maple Leaf Gardens on April 28th. I've been to alot of concerts before, but this was my frist NIN show, and i've never seen something anyone more impressive then that. frist, the song that i remeber hearing was (in order) The New Flesh/Pinion, Terrible Lie, Sin, Piggy, March Of The Pigs (All The Pigs, All Lined Up), The Frail, The Wretched, Gave Up, La Mer, The Great Below, The Mark Has Been Made, Wish, Complication, Suck, Closer, Get Down Make Love, Head Like A Hole. then a encore of The Day The World Went Away, Just Like You Imagined, Starfuckers Inc, Hurt. That sould be all the songs. I was thinking that they'd start off with Somewhat Damaged, but they didn't, and didn't even do that song! NIN played for 90 minutes. The lights were amazing, and really made the show that much better, and the best concert i've ever seen! A Perfect Circle wasn't that good, but ok. Reznor was all over the stage, and was humping Robin a couple of times on stage. He also thourgh down one keybroad, and one guitar. Many songs sound way different live, but yet, so much better. Such as Sin, i didn't even know what song it was until the words had started! Terrible Lie started the same, but after the crouse it got really different as well! The three screens had also been used as like lights, for a few song, or else wried images, like during Complication, Closer, and Suck. Other then the few points i've made out, there wasn't much differice from the other NIN shows for this tour, but i'd pay $100 to see it again, it's well worth it, and one of the most amazing things i've ever seen, nothing come close to how good that show was.