"It was a Life Time Experience"
By Ashley
I was about 10mins. late getting to the arena so I only saw about half hour of Perfect Cirlce, but from what I saw they kicked ass. They aren't as heavy as Tool, but thats just my opinion. Well when NIN came out they started with Terrible Lie, which I thought was the best song to start with. The crowd went wild. I started to make my way into the mosh pit at that time. It was killer. Well for a 15 year old at least. I was getting crushed. Trent was throwing water bottles left and right. He also threw his towel which my best friend caught (BITCH). I pushed my way to the front, but then had to stop, because this fat guy was infront of me. Well I had guys sqwishing into me everywhere, but I didn't care that I couldn't breath, because Trent was in perfect view for me, I was centimeters away from my idol, when he came across where I was dieing. Well I was getting dizzy and the retard that I am, I made my way to the back, during Closer, where my brother was standing and had to watch the rest of the show back there. They finished the show with Hurt. For the rest of you out there that are going to be seeing NIN soon, seeing them live will make you love them even more then you do now. This concert was my second concert and first time on floor and it's been the best. It was a Life Time Experience. Trent is a God and a gift to all of us.