"that show made my year."
By Scottnin17
i have not been to many concerts, but about 2 songs into NIN`s set, i was headbanging, and having one of the greatest times of my life, A perfect Circle was good in a debut, more or less, but Trent and company were unbelievable. I have heard that NIN shows are some of the best on the planet, but i did not expect what i witnessed. I was on such a high, the instrumentals, were superp, and some small changes to songs, like Terrible Lie about 7 mins long, and TDTWWA being mixed with the quiet version, and drums, was great. On a major plus, Trent said, that we should be proud, cuz we put him in a good mood, and in then he added "and we all know that`s a rare thing". I don`t see how any show can top that. The screens were a great effect. And i will close with, that show made my year.