"You're gonna LOVE it."
By Steve Kongialis

Toronto show at the Gardens was KILLER. Light show was specacular and completely amplified the pure intensity of the performance. Non stop from the get go and probably the best NIN show I've seen yet.

They played the old, the new and everything in between. Packed house and the crowd was insane, it was almost remenisant of the big "Rock Shows" of my younger days. I've probably seen over 200 shows in the last 15 years so I'm pretty jaded but the one impressed me. Think I'll drive down to Buffalo Saturday night to catch it again. Set list seems pretty consistant from the other reviews with the one exception of Reznor commenting on how the crowd was great and that they put him in a good mood so "here's something rare."

Won't say what it was in case they do it again and it spoils it for you al. Starfucker was intense and love him or hate him, Trent Reznor is hugely talented and definatly on his game for this tour. You're gonna LOVE it.