"i definitely wasn't disappointed at all! "
By dorian barton
well, i just got home (a bit late) from the toronto show. what an amazing show! approximate setlist: pinion - short but good opener
terrible lie - awesome! i love this song and it's even better live!
sin - amazing!
march of the pigs - very aggressive
piggy - good version
the frail - sounds nice, pleasantly chunky keyboard sound
the wretched - very rocking
gave up - crowd loved it as did i!
the mark has been made - very heavy, powerful
la mer - great moment, nice drums
the great below - really moved me!
complication (not sure) - good, instrumentals wearing me down a bit
suck - pleasant suprise
get down make love - only trent could make a queen song sound this good
closer - very dancable
head like a hole - rock! everyone loved this one

the day the world went away - a little long, guitars not heavy enough but still enjoyable
just like you imagined - kind of short but still awesome
starfuckers inc. - nice and loud song. crowd chanted along a bit
hurt - very emotional ending

overall, even better than i expected. even though i had a few minor critisms, i enjoyed every song greatly. the video images were really good too. trent seemed to really be getting into the songs. i thought there might have been a few too many instrumentals. also, i was hoping somewhat damaged would be the opener but terrible lie did nicely. i'd have like to have heard some other new songs like into the void or even deeper. this was my first nin show and i definitely wasn't disappointed at all! a perfect circle were quite good too.