"come prepared to witness a show of large proportions."
By Kyle Randall

i don't think i'm capable of putting into words the fragility v2.0 show, but i'll try to give you a general feeling of what you're in for if you haven't seen the show yet.

me and my 2 friends arrived at about 8:15, a couple songs into a perfect circle's set. they weren't bad, i liked the way maynard interacted with the fans in between each track, had sort of a personal feel to it. after a.p.c., aphex twin could be heard playing over the speakers [great choice to get people ready for the nin experience] and as recoil slowly faded off the speakers, everyone could occasionally within the next 5 minutes see a strobe light behind the curtains flashing the shadows of nin behind them.

then, the lights suddenly went out and pinion set in, as it ended i noticed a familiar song beginning, but this wasn't "somewhat damaged", this was "terrible lie"!! [so nice to see this oldie played first like past tours]. next was "sin", which got everyone moving, then "march of the pigs" in which trent added additional lyrics at the end calling us "canadian fuckheads"or something along those lines [either way it was great to hear], piggy was next and it certainly maintained a vibe among those in attendance. then came "the frail" in which trent was solo on piano, the lighting for most tracks was mind-blowing, but "the frail" especially had a larger than life effect to it. "the wretched" was next and there was no lack of power put into it, definitely one of the heaviest mosh-pit tracks. as "the wretched" came to a close, "gave up" kicked in and the adrenaline was now reaching its peak before the quiet interlude which would follow. as "la mer" began everyone could see what looked to be raindrops falling on water and various other sea-related visuals which gradually lead into "the great below" which seemed to possess almost the feeling of someone drowning in a visual/audio sense. "the mark has been made" kicked in and did a good job of finishing up this quiet, but very sensual part of the show. "wish" was next and the pit was going full-force once again as well as everyone in the crowd moving to the music as if the sound and visuals had totally taken over their mental/physical state. "complication" was exceptionally good with some great psychedelic visuals, the lighting and screens were trancing me out pretty hard. "suck" had great energy and powerful lighting that proved even more why nin is probably one of the best live bands there is, period. we were all delighted to hear "get down make love" since it had not been played on the tour yet, a great choice to lead into the song that propelled nin into the mainstream. "closer" had visual accompaniment that went so hand in hand with the music, it was sometimes hard to differentiate if you were watching a music video or reality itself. "head like a hole" was the peak in my mind because of the overall power of the lighting and cd quality sound combined together. as "head like a hole" drew to a close, some very large strobe lights were flashing while most people proceeded to clap and make noise loops via crowd noise. as the encore was starting to begin, trent told us that we got him into a good mood, and that is a rarity, "the day the world went away" proceeded to kick all ass, followed by a visually stunning "just like you imagined". "starfuckers inc." was the cherry on top with its relentless assault on the visual/audio sense once again. last we were treated with the final peak of the setlist, "hurt" had a enriched synth chorus in it with just trent and jumbotron screens serenading away, it was so peaceful yet chaotic, and by the time "hurt" had started to finish, trent began to slowly make eye contact and salute every area of the crowd. then the strobe lights slowly faded off and i was left thinking to myself how much of a genius trent reznor really is because this was by far the best nin show /[and or any show/there is.]

i bought the fragility tour program, its got some very nice information in regards to the latest album, also includes some great studio shots and things of that sort. t-shirt i got was "too fucked up to care anymore" because i was having a hard time choosing from the large selection of good t-shirts, come prepared to witness a show of large proportions.