"Everyone at the front was singing and yelling, it was great!"
By Brad Smith

I can't remember the setlist very well. I remember they started with pinion, terrible lie, I think sin, then march of the pigs at the beginning. I think they played the day the world went away, starfuckers, and hurt at the end.

Other songs played included head like a hole, suck, get down make love, closer, wish, just like you imagined, complication, the mark has been made, and the great below. I can't remember beyond that.

The lighting was incredible. At the beginning, about 15 minutes before the show finally got started (which started at around 9:15) they did this sort of lightning effect from behind the curtain. You could see the band members onstage silhouetted by brief flashes of bright white light bleeding through the curtian.

They had three rectangular screens, sort of like jumbotrons, but not as big. Occasionally they would be positioned for some interesting effects. During one song, they were positioned low over the stage so it sort of looked like they were performing in a box.

The images on the screens were pretty neat. The ones I most enjoyed were the ones during gave up, I think. They looked a -lot- like stuff Coil would do... but then, didn't Peter Christopherson have something to do with the video for it?

I didn't enjoy "A Perfect Circle". Their songs were kinda similar and the lead singer was just annoying. I heard alot of people making comments about the bassist (and her short shorts), but personally, she didn't do anything for me. I dunno. The big bald guitarist had some neat guitar solos occasional, nothing really fast, but they sounded okay. There was alot of tape material played too during their performance. I dunno, I suppose for metal, they're kinda good, but I'm not much for metal.

I got in at 8:00 (I had a floor ticket, and there was a separate entrance we didn't know about that we had to go looking for), so I think the opening act had just started when we got in. I hadn't been to a real concert before (just meatloaf with my parents when I was, like, 10), and I remember thinking that if the whole show was going to be like that, I'd really regret the money I spent. Actually, despite the "smoke free building" signs all over the place, a helluva lot of people were smoking. During the second song I saw by A Perfect Circle, I thought they were using dry ice for a second, then I looked around, and it was like everyone had decided to smoke at the same time. Pretty wierd, I thought. I also smelled marijuana and heard people talking about cocaine, so, well, not that I'm surprised by it, but there were a bunch of people there on drugs.

After A Perfect Circle finished, around 8:15, most people left the area to go buy t-shirts and things. But after the show started, most people on the floor were sort of pushing towards the front, and I, being a rugby enthusiast, dove right in. I managed to fight my way right to the front and centre. It was great... except for the crowd surfers. About three of them hit me in the head coming off the front of the crowd. There was about a 6 foot gap filled with security guards who'd pull crowd surfers down and send them to the sides. Everyone at the front was singing and yelling, it was great.