"It was at that moment when I lost my balls. I'll never get them back thanks to Trent and company."
By papa zulu

We arrived at Maple Leaf Gardens at about 6:00 or so. Little did we know that the parking lot we chose was also chosen by NIN's tour buses. We stood around to kill some time with none other than Robin Finck. He was quiet, and no very talkative. We watched as he helped unload equipment from the bus's undercarriage. The security let myself and my band's bassist look through the storage compartment. Robin then left to meet up with the rest of the band to prep for the show. We then waited outside mentally preparing for onslaught to follow. We made our way to our seats and awaited A Perfect Circle. Although most people didn't seem really into the band, I enjoyed their brand of twisted, melodic, visual conjuring mellow music. Though I was hoping they'd play at least one Tool song, I was taken by the song Judith, their first single. Overall great performance. Then as the venue began to fill up, anticipation grew. A large black curtain was drawn, hiding a powerful force about to be unleashed. The house lighting shut off as The New Flesh faded into Pinion and mind jolting strobe effects filled the stage. The curtain then opened revealing the mastermind Trent Reznor and his loyal regiment. Terrible Lie bombarded our ears as the overall emotion emitted was enough to bring tears to one's eyes. Sin was orchestrated magnificently. Piggy was great as it put emphasis on Jerome Dillon. March of the Pigs kept the insanity alive, especially when Trent said, "the Canadian Pigs have won tonight." The frail was touching as the arena lit up with lighters. Then came the Wretched...amazing! Gave Up had so much energy it could have stopped the Mongols from conquering Asia. La Mer was uplifting and The Great Below never felt so touching. You could see that Trent was giving it his all and he even said that he was in a good mood, which is rare for him. The Mark Has Been Made is the best instrumental performance I've seen anywhere. Next came Wish, Complication, the classic, Suck, and as Trent put it, "a song about fucking", Closer. Get Down Make Love was covered awesomely. Head Like a Hole, one of the high points of the unforgettable evening ended in Trent throwing his guitar, Jerome knocking over his drums, and the crowd going insanely crazy. Feedback rang out as the white strobe flashed faster and faster. No one in the crowd dared to move....they all knew the encore was coming. The strobe ceased and Charlie armed with his theremin created the atmosphere for The Day The World Went Away. Next, Just Like You Imagined was played. Then, definitely the most energetic song of the night, Starfuckers, Inc., assaulted the pleased crowd relentlessly. To close off the extravaganza, Hurt was sang along to by everyone in attendance. It was at that moment when I lost my balls. I'll never get them back thanks to Trent and company.