"I am sort of sad that it had to come to an end.. "
By Christy Bomberry

April 28th, 2000 was the day that NIN was to perform at Maple Leaf Garden's. Personally, I didn't know what to expect since it was my first concert that I was attending alone and I had floor tickets. My expectations on what was going to happen were unknown. I arrived at the venue at 2:20 p.m. and sat outside waiting for nearly 5 hours. Since I was completely by myself, my only source of entertainment was watching people drive by and stare at us with their mouths open! The doors opened at 7:00 and not a minute too late. I hurried inside because of the excitement and I wanted a close spot. We had to sit on the cold floor boards for about an hour before A Perfect Circle came onstage. The band was okay but nothing spectacular. In my bad taste, the highlight of the night was probably when the lead singer walked his hand down his pants. Unfortunately, I wasn't there to see A Perfect Circle.

The lights came back on and the stage crew were setting up for NIN. Through the cutain and before it opened, you could see the outline of the band members as they came onstage. After their instrumental intro, the band ripped into Terrible Lie. Unfortunately, I do not recall the songs in the order that they were performed. Honestly, I only remember the very first song and the last song. The stuff that happened in between onstage is sort of a blur. This was my first concert on the floor and I was more distracted by the going ons around me that I wasn't paying full attention to the stage area. Body surfer's everywhere, two girls fighting over a towel, a tall guy in front of me, two guys almost ready to fight in front of me, people being pulled out from the front row because they were ready to pass out or something. So, you can see where most of my attention was. By the way, I had second row, centre. I do remember that Trent came offstage to be with the fans. He went over to the left and then over to the right but he didn't come to the centre. So I was a little disappointed. He wore grey pants and what looked to be a grey sleeveless jean jacket and thick soled combat boots. His eyes were circled in black and he was lightly covered in what looked to be corn starch or flour. He tossed water unto the fans and chucked out the empty water bottles.

The stage set was neat. There were three screens that showed various images as each song played. The coolest image had to be the one with the water. It displayed raindrops with a ripple effect. There was bright coloured lights, a few laser lights. It was really neat. At first I thought the stage was kind of small when I first got inside.

During the loud songs, Trent was getting aggressive onstage. The usual, pushing his band members around, tossing the mic, kicking over the microphone stand. The stage manager went onstage a lot to fix the mics and mics stands. I was beginning to wonder if he was starting to get a little pissed off. Trent was starting to get a little frisky. He started to lick the microphone, humped the mic stand and Robin, I think! I particularily enjoyed the one liner he said after he sang get down and make love. Just before he sang closer, he said, heres another song about fucking. Trent was pretty cool. Robin was scary looking. The other bands members I couldn't really see.

I do hope they come back again. I really enjoyed this concert. I am sort of sad that it had to come to an end. It was really fun. I do know that once you see NIN, you will love them even more.